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CR1220 PCB Mount Battery (with Pins)

A 3V CR1220 Lithium Coin Cell Battery with pins. It can be soldered directly into a PCB or the pins can be bent flat allowing use with conductive paint.

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CR1220 PCB Mount Battery (with Pins), pack of 3
CR1220 PCB Mount Battery (with Pins), pack of 50

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Product description:

CR1220 PCB mount battery (with pins).

This is a PCB mounting 3V CR1220 lithium coin cell.

The battery has pins that allow it to be soldered directly into a PCB for applications such as back up power.

The legs of the batteries can be bent flat allowing them to be used with conductive paint.

Voltage: 3V

Capacity: 40mAh

A datasheet containing mechanical information can be downloaded here.


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Posted by Adrienne, Monday, 1 February 2016 on product CR1220 PCB Mount Battery (with Pins)


What is the lifespan on these? Eg if a single one is used to power a single LED - how long would it last for?


  • Posted by Michael Lockhart on Monday, 1 February 2016

    The capacity of these batteries are 40mAh, this means that if you had an LED that required 20mA then the battery would approximately last two hours, if you increased it to two LED’s then the battery would last an hour.

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