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LilyPad LED Micro - (5pcs)

A LilyPad Micro is like a smaller version of the LilyPad LED board. They look great in elegant designs where you don't need the extra weight or size.

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Need a smaller way to add some 'twinkle' to your LilyPad project? Then you need some LilyPad Micros! A LilyPad Micro is like a smaller version of the LilyPad LED board. By eliminating the resistor and changing the orientation of the surface mount LED we've shrunk the board down which looks great in elegant designs or on sheer fabrics where you don't need the extra weight or exposed board space. It's really the closest you can come to sewing a point of light directly to your project.

Note: Because the boards don't include a current-limiting resistor, it is possible to over-power them and possibly burn them up. The high resistance of conductive thread can help protect the Micros from high current, so long stitches can be used with most power sources to keep the power levels 'Micro-friendly'. If you aren't sure where to start with resistance and current, using these in conjunction with a LilyPad Simple or Main Board is a great place to start, because they both have built-in current limiting and can't burn up your Micros.

Note: These are sold in strips of five boards which can be snapped apart with pliers. Some, however, may come as loose pieces that are already snapped apart.


Posted by Sway, Friday, 29 July 2016 on product LilyPad LED Micro - (5pcs)

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