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Blue Flexible LED strip - 30 way

Blue Flexible, energy efficient, LED Strips available in 0.5m and 5m in length with adhesive backing. 3 LEDs per 5cm length. They run off a 12V Power Supply.

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Blue Flexible LED Strip - 30-way, 0.5m
Blue Flexible LED Strip, 5m reel

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Product description:

These blue energy efficient flexible LED strips are extremely versatile. They can be used in a wide range of lighting applications and products. The strips are adhesive backed and run off a 12DC supply.

  • Based on a 3528 surface mount LED.
  • Runs from 12V DC supply.
  • Supply current = 200mA per 0.5m length.
  • Adhesive backed.
  • Strips can be cut into shorter lengths. Cut points every 5cm.
  • Three LEDs per 5cm section.
  • Multiple sections can be soldered together to make longer lengths.
  • Tape width 8mm.
  • Thickness 0.2mm + LED height (approx. 1.8mm).
  • LED output 200 - 240 (lm).

Note: Though these strips are very flexible, care should be taken not to bend them around very sharp corners/angles as this may cause them to become damaged. A maximum length of 5m should not be exceeded when connecting these strips in series.

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Posted by Jack, Tuesday, 11 September 2012 on product Blue Flexible LED strip - 30 way
  • 0
    A: The simple answer is no. But to answer this question we need to look at the current and voltage of the solar cell and the strips. Let?s start with the strips, these take about 200mA at 12V for a half meter length. Solar cells are a little more complicated to work out as the manufacturers like to make their solar cell look as good as they can. The rated current is the best you will ever get. They will have gone to the hottest, sunniest place in the world at the middle of the day and once managed to get the cell to output the amount of current they specification quotes. As a result on a cloudy day in the UK you will get a lot less than the quoted current. The solar cell that is supplied with the garden light has the following specification: Voltage: 3V Current: 50mA In reality you are only going to get 10mA to 15mA out of the cell. So going back to your original question a solar cell used in the night light will give you a quarter of the required voltage and about a fifteenth of the current. You could wire 60 of these in a combination of parallel / series to give the voltage & current that you would need, but this would be silly. It is possible to buy 12V solar cells, you should look for something with a quoted current of about an amp at 12V, but these sort of cells will be over ?100. The signs you see on the roads have a sensor to detect cars and therefore only need to turn the LEDs on when required which means they use a lot less current.
    Posted by Geoff Hampson on Monday, 2 December -1
Posted by Phil, Monday, 21 May 2012 on product Blue Flexible LED strip - 30 way
  • 0
    A: The 12V 2A power supply is perfect for use with a full reel of LED strips .You can cut off the connector and solder the on to the strip or, you can use a DC socket with it. If you want to use a DC socket then our code 4108 can be found under: ?Products > Wire, leads & connectors > Leads and Connectors > DC power socket, panel mounting?
    Posted by Geoff Hampson on Monday, 21 May 2012
Posted by ash, Friday, 28 October 2011 on product Blue Flexible LED strip - 30 way
  • 0
    A: The strips are very simple. They have a positive (12V) connection and a 0V connection. When you apply 12V to these pads the whole strip lights. The pads have solder pad connections. You can connect multiple strips together, either by soldering one directly to another or by soldering on interconnecting wires. The strip can also be cut into shorter lengths (at the defined cut points) if required. If you want to add a power switch this simply needs to be connected in series with the 12V connection, so that the power to the strip can be turned on and off. You can use a small 12V battery (see our battery section) but be mindful that the capacity of the small 12V N size battery is 55mAh. As the LED strip uses 200mA per 0.5m length, one of these batteries will only last for around 15 minutes. You might do better to use a 12V DC wall block.
    Posted by Kevin Spurr on Friday, 28 October 2011

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