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PCB Trimmer 1M POT

A 1M ohm enclosed, single turn, trimming potentiometer. Designed to be directly mounted onto the PCB.

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PCB trimmer 1M POT, single
PCB trimmer 1M POT, pack of 25

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Product description:

This is an enclosed single turn trimming Potentiometer, rated at 1M ohm's. It has been designed to be mounted directly to a PCB.

Once mounted, this potentiometers adjustable trimer is pointing upwards for easy access and adjustments.

This potentiometer is available as a single or in a pack of 25


  • This potentiometer is rated at 1M Ohms.
  • Designed to be mounted directly onto a PCB.
  • It is upward facing for easy access and adjustments.


  • 1 x 1M ohm enclosed, single turn trimming potentiometer.


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