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AAA Zinc Chloride Batteries

AAA Size Zinc Chloride Batteries, suitable for heavier duty high-drain applications. GP branded. Non-rechargeable. Sold in a pack of 2.

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AAA Battery, pack of 2
AAA Battery, pack of 40

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Product description:

This is a PCB mounting coin cell holder for single CR2032 coin cell battery.

Its small footprint offers a discrete power source that is ideal for smaller projects where space is tight.

They are available individually or as a pack of 10.


  • CR2032 Coin Cell Holder which mounts directly to a PCB.
  • Available individually or as a pack of 10.
  • Its small footprint makes it ideal for projects where space is at a premium.


  • 1 x PCB mounting CR2032 coin cell battery holder.


  • PCB Pitch: 20mm
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