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High Power Amp Kit

This Amplifier Kit can output up to 15W per channel (very loud) into a pair of high quality speakers. Available with either a 3.5mm Jack Lead or an iPod Lead.

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Kitronik High Power Amp Kit with Jack Lead
High Power Amp Kit with iPod Lead

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Product description:

The High Power Amplifier kit from Kitronik can output up to 15W per channel into a pair of high quality speakers (included). The kit is capable of producing a very loud, high quality stereo sound. The kit includes all the parts required, including power supply, to build your own amplifier for use with items such as MP3 players.

Once assembled it has everything you would expect of an amplifier, a power LED, on/off switch and volume control. All you need to do is design your own enclosure.


  • 15W per channel amplifier.
  • Choice of iPod or 3mm jack cable.
  • High quality 20W full range speakers.


PCB Dimensions:

  • Length: 77.5mm.
  • Width: 59mm.




  • The heat sink will become hot when the amplifier is used at a high volume for long periods of time. For the heat sink to work at its best it should be mounted in a well ventilated case.
  • This product is supplied with a UK mains plug and is designed to work off a 230V, 50Hz supply.
  • Please note the iPod connecting lead is not the Lightning connector used on some Apple devices such as the iPhone 5. Adapters are available.
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