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Bulk Buy Discounts

You can now take advantage of these great discounts when you are buying 200 or more of Kitronik designed project kits.

200 or more kits = 5% discount

300 or more kits = 10% discount

The discount only applies to project kits marked ‘Exclusive to Kitronik’ in our catalogue and does not apply to any other items.

These are clearly indicated in the printed catalogue by the following icon. catalogue_kitronik_exclusive.jpg

Or on this website these are clearly indicated by the following icon. icon_kitronik_exclusive.gif

Different types of kits can be mixed to give the required quantity. When you do this the discount will be applied to the price break for the quantity of each kit purchased.

Example 1

If you were to buy:

Then at the same time you were also to order:

As you are ordering 200 kits you can apply a 5% discount to these prices.

  • The pre-discount cost of the 10 bike lights is £14.70, so with a discount they work out at £13.97 (or £1.40 per kit).
  • The pre-discount cost of the 190 amplifier kits £397.10, so with a discount they work out at £377.25 (or £1.99 per kit).

Example 2

If you were to buy the following items:

There are 5 boxes of steady hand games, making 120 kits, plus 100 dice and 100 torch kits. So the total number of kits is over 300 and a 10% discount can be applied.

The slide switches are not kits so aren't included in the discount and the turning frogs are not exclusive to Kitronik so again can't be included in the discount.

  • The steady hand games, total cost £339.75 is discounted to £305.78.
  • The electronic dice, total cost £290.00 is discounted to £261.00.
  • The torch kits, total cost £160.00 is discounted to £144.00.

Thus saving you over £75 on the order.

Let the website do the maths

If you put the products you are interested in buying in to the cart and go to the checkout it will show you the discount that you will receive on the order. The sheet can also be printed off so it can be given to your ordering team.