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Website Links

Design and Technology Association web_site_link_d_and_t

This site has curriculum information, training courses, resources, events & competitions.

Times Educational Supplement wbesite_links_tes

The staff room is the forum where you can ask your electronics or general D&T questions. There is also a selection of resources compiled by other people, including some on electronics.

Design and Technology website_links_d_and_t_online

Online Web based explanations on components and electronic principals. Manufacturing, structures, mechanisms & packing info is also available on rest of the site.

Design technology department website_links_design_technology

Contains schemes of work and student handouts on general D&T topics. website_links_electronics_2000

The electronics 2000 website has calculators for converting things like resistor colours, guides to building projects, technical data on components and connectors and so on.

Electronics 2000

Electronics Tutorials website_links_electronics_tutorials

Electronics tutorials aimed at GCSE, AS and A-level students as well as hobbyists. Articles cover analog and digital electronics theory with clear expanations and diagrams.

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