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Take a Step Inside Kitronik HQ and Meet the Crew

Kitronik aims to inspire & engage people of all abilities to further their knowledge of Electronics, Coding & Design by offering a well designed, well manufactured, innovative product range and free resources. All backed by detailed product descriptions, knowledgeable staff and fast delivery.


We create high quality products and resources for education and makers, and as such stock an extensive range of electronic project kits, components, tools and test equipment, a wide range of materials and also e-textiles products including conductive thread.


Meet The Directors:


Geoff delivering a micro:bit demonstration at the BETT show 2016.

Geoff Hampson is an expert in all things electronic. He writes great tutorials and is our resident electronics expert. He designs some of our interesting project kits and explains why they might be useful in day to day life as well as being great fun. When he's not here Geoff is actively involved in Scouting. He enjoys outdoor pursuits including walking & climbing, and regularly plays badminton.



Kevin attending the launch of the micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Kevin Spurr is never happier than when he is designing great electronic projects and offering an insight into the world of educational electronics. Kevin loves driving the development of new products and spends a considerable amount of time with the design team doing just that. When he's not here he loves to play football, golf and to endlessly chase around after his daughters.



Kitronik was founded in 2005 by Geoff Hampson and Kevin Spurr, who are both still in the driving seat today. After graduating from Loughborough University in the field of Electronic Engineering they set out to fill a significant void in the resources available for those just starting out with Electronics. They designed a range of electronic project kits that were tailor-made to suit the National Curriculum programmes of study for Design and Technology at Key Stages 3 and 4 and then went on to develop these kits to not only support Design and Technology Departments in schools, but to also inspire makers at home.


Geoff and Kevin celebrating 10 years of Kitronik in 2015.


In October of 2005 the Kitronik domain was registered and company was registered with Companies House. In early December of 2005 the first website was created, the first kits were designed and bagged and the accompanying teaching notes were written. Also in December 2005, the first Kitronik catalogue came back from the printers and the biggest 1000 schools were each sent a xylophone kit with teaching notes and a copy of the 16 page catalogue. On the 14th December 2005 the first order was received and the very first sale was dispatched to a School in Lancashire.


Kevin teaching electronics and making skills.


The foundations for the company were laid as far back as 2002, when Director Geoff Hampson began designing kits for Scout Tech camps, where Scouts would build the kits and learn basic electronics and making skills. Each year would feature a new kit and some of these kits later became Kitronik products.


Geoff staying close to his roots, teaching electronics and making skills to Guides and Scouts.


Fast forward to 2016 and Kitronik have produced and sold over 1,000,000 electronic kits, supply over 3,500 Schools with kits, tools and materials, cater to the growing maker community and now ship products to 36 countries via UPS. The company has seen, and continues to see, impressive year on year growth that has almost run in tandem with the ever expanding worldwide maker movement.


Behind The Scenes:

Let's take a quick peek behind the curtain to see how Kitronik serves its customers on a daily basis. Kitronik is made up of a number of different areas of operation, each contributing to the whole; Customer services, sales, development and design, manufacturing, production and the web/IT team all work together to provide you the high level of service you have come to expect from Kitronik.


Customer Services: Our customer services team are always on hand to assist customers with all of their day to day needs, be it placing orders or providing detailed product information. They are amongst the first in and the last to leave, ensuring maximum coverage throughout the working day. No problem is too big or small and right now they are waiting for your call.

Tim in Oslo with our good friends from Hands-On Science.
Tim in Oslo with our good friends from Hands-On Science.

Sales: The sales team ensure that we stock the products that you want and at a price that remains competitive. When they aren't actively talking to customers and suppliers, they are actively looking at how we can serve our customers better. That can include everything from researching and sourcing new products or organising free teacher training days where we aim to help teachers get the best from the technology that is at their disposal. Our sales team also love to get out an about and when not in the office they can be found at Maker Faire's talking to everyone they can find.


Development and Design: Our development and design team are always into something and when they aren't devising new kits and Bluetooth amplifiers, they can often be found designing free resources such as cases for our kits and working on joint projects with organisations such as Bloodhound SSC and the BBC. When the pressure is off they also like to get involved in the lighter side of things and often help to put together the seasonal project ideas that we love to put out whenever we can.


Manufacturing: At Kitronik we pride ourselves on our ability to do things ourselves, be it with a soldering iron or with more machine based construction. We like to do as much as we can in house to ensure that everything that leaves the building has been made to the highest standards possible. Many of our kits feature parts cut from Perspex sheets, we cut these in house on our laser cutters and each part is meticulously cleaned and inspected before being dispatched to customers. We also build all of our completed boards ourselves, our stencils, surface mount machines and PCB oven are always on the go, making everything from vibrating robots to high tech Bluetooth amplifiers and electro-fashion boards.


Production: Production is the engine room of the operation and comprises of four areas; goods in, goods out, warehousing and production. It is this well oiled machine that ensures that everything that comes into the building is quickly moved to the correct area of the warehouse so that orders can be efficiently picked by their team and so that our kits can be quickly assembled and stored. If that weren't enough they are also the team that ensures that we achieve same day dispatch for all orders received before 3 o'clock.

Web/IT Team: The web team ensures that the IT infrastructure of the company and the website is all working at peak efficiency and not suffering from downtime, quickly fixing any issues as soon as they appear. They also ensure that all products have their own detailed page, the correct resources and are available for customers to buy. They also produce the company blogs, product technical information, much of the online learning resources and look after all of our social media activity.

Same Day Dispatch
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2 thoughts on “Take a Step Inside Kitronik HQ and Meet the Crew”

  • David Owen August 31, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Nice to see the gang that hasn't let us down once. I had the impression that you resided in an establishment similar to Amazon. A hard working group if ever I saw one. Thanks to Emily for keeping us up to date on a Sunday morning (joke).
    We have a new electronic teacher starting this year as Nikki Asbury has decided to leave full time teaching, so our account may look different for a while but I'm sure we will still be supporting you.
    Good luck and happy working to you all

  • Edith Santiago September 30, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    Good morning:
    US where i can get your suppliers. Suppliers have between New York to Philadelphia.. I'm very interested in purchasing their products.
    Thank you for your attention..Have a nice day...i

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