BBC micro:bit - Kitronik University

This Kitronik University course is part of the BBC micro:bit partnership and covers aspects of the BBC micro:bit including an overview of what it is, what our role is and of course tutorials to let you get started using it within Design & Technology.

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3D Printing - Kitronik University

This Kitronik University Course covers aspects of 3D Printing, including general FAQs such as the differences between types of filament, and Robox RBX-01 specific resources such as changing the print head, loading filament and more.

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Interactive Learn & Test Zone

The interactive learn & test zone contains presentations on a topic along with a multiple choice test to check your understanding. Topics include: resistor and capacitor values, circuit symbols, ohms law and so on.

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Understanding Electronics

Our understanding electronics range aims to assist in explaining the technical side of electronics in an easy to understand manner. There are explanations on components, resistor values, capacitor values and so on.

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Electronics Tutorials

The electronics tutorials page contains student friendly projects giving detailed explanation on how it can be built. These include: a dimmer light, various light / heat switched applications, a 7 segment dice using logic gates.

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E-Textiles Tutorials & Resources

The e-textiles tutorials page contains student friendly projects giving detailed explanation on how several soft circuits can be built. These include: adding an LED to a beanie hat and making a soft circuit zippi doll.

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Kitronik Project Kit Resources

We've gathered all of our datasheets, information about our kits, programming tasks and crocodile clip simulation files into one section.

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Scout Electronics Badge Resources

This page has parts lists for the IET Scouts electronic badge projects.

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Component Datasheets

This section includes datasheets on a range of components including some common ICs.

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LED Resistor Calculator

This page allows you to choose one of our LEDs off a list, enter the battery voltage and the page will calculate the resistor that you need to use.

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3D models of several of our kits, useful for anyone using CAD to design a laser cut or 3D printed case.

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Working With Materials

Find out which of our materials can be worked with in which ways in our handy working with materials section.

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Ask Kitronik

This page contains all the video answers that were broadcast as part of the 'Ask Kitronik Live' event.

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