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Programming Tasks


The Programmable Timer allows students to progress through a number of tasks, from a basic timer, to a more complex timer where the delay is configurable, it emits early warning bleeps, before finally on time out playing a tune.

Click here to view the timer programming tasks

Music Box

The programmable music box gives students one task of making the board play a tune when the switch is activated.

Click here to view the music box programming tasks

Motor Controller

The sequence controller allows students to enter a sequence of events into the motor board (without a PC) and play them back at a desired speed.

Download (26KB) instructions & revolution basic code for PICAXE-18X chips

Laser Cut Tank

Cutting data for the tank is available in DXF format, which can be imported into your laser cutter software.

Download laser (11KB)

Materials, Perspex. Plywood, Polypropylene
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