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News & Product Updates

News articles, main blog and also homepage articles.
  • Kitronik Christmas Fair - Bandstand and Stalls

    The Christmas Fair Bandstand and Stalls is the third and final model from our Christmas fair. This time showing how to make an animated display featuring figures. Just by using a servo, a microbit, and a tiny snippet of code.
  • New Product News Fischertechnik STEM Packs

    We've got something super exciting to share with you this week, Fischertechnik STEM Packs are now available from Kitronik! At the time of writing, we have 9 new lines with more to follow.
  • Kitronik Christmas Fair - ZIP LED Helter Skelter

    This is the second model from our Christmas fair, this time showing off our ZIP LEDs and how the Halo can be used to drive a whole RGB LED chain.
  • Kitronik Christmas Fair - Stepper Ferris Wheel

    This is the first model from our Christmas Fair, designed by Matt Moeser to show off the features of our new All-in-One Robotics Board. This solder-free model makes a great centrepiece to a Christmas diorama and shows off the robotics board's unique stepper motor coding blocks.
  • :KLEF Piano For BBC microbit Free Case Resources

    The :KLEF Piano for the BBC microbit features all you need to both unlock your inner Bach and to provide you with some fun coding challenges. The first step in fully realising your micro:symphony is an inspiring instrument to play it on!
  • Using MicroPython With Kitronik BBC micro:bit Products

    If you've bought any of our more recent BBC micro:bit products and were also wondering how to make the switch from Blocks to Python, we've got you covered. We have example code for five of our recent products that you can use and also learn from.
  • Maker Faire Rome 2018 - An Overview

    The Kitronik crew, consisting of myself (Ben) and company director Geoff, were fortunate enough to be asked to join our distributors at Digi-Key at Maker Faire Rome 2018. Wanting to impress we put in a lot of work before hand on our set up, which can be seen in our blog post "All roads lead to Maker Faire Rome".
  • All Roads Lead To Rome Maker Faire 2018

    All Roads Lead To Rome Maker Faire 2018. We headed to Rome this weekend for the Rome Maker Fair 2018. But first, we need to build a new track. Check it out!
  • Kitronik Spooky Halloween 2018 Project Ideas

    With Halloween 2018 creeping up on us, we’ve made some spooky resources to give your decorations a techy twist! It’s a great time of year to test out some ideas and to dust off your making skills.
  • Inventors Kit Fan Controlled ZIP LED Ring

    As a fun demonstration piece for shows, we created an interactive fa controlled ZIP LED experiment on the Inventors Kit that uses a motor as an input device. When someone blows on the fan, the microbit reads the EMF created by the motor and rotates the LEDs of a ZIP ring relative to its speed.
  • 5V Mini LED Lamp Module Laser Cut USB Desk Lamp

    Banish those winter blues with a Desk Lamp fashioned from our 5V Mini LED Lamp Module. The image below shows the two lamp designs developed by Matt Moeser to accompany this product. Additionally, one design needed to be laser-cut and the other 3D printed.
  • Kitronik And The All London Raspberry Pi Jam

    This weekend Kitronik attended their first All London Raspberry Pi Jam at the Flatiron School. Kitronik's Ben Gray, loaded down with a delicious selection of Kitronik goodies, headed south in pursuit of knowledge and great company.
  • New Product News Roundup September 2018

    After the summer slow down, nothing gives the new product introductions a kick start better than a new catalogue. We've come out the other side of that now and the new lines are still coming thick and fast. It must be the bigger warehouse we have now, gotta fill it all!
  • Free 3D Printed Deluxe Rear Bike Light Cases

    These free 3D printed deluxe rear bike light cases have been designed to fit our new Rear Bike Light Kit. Now the nights are drawing it's time to get your bikes ready for the low light conditions ahead.  There is no better way to do that to use something you've made yourself! You can either use our free designs as is or use them as inspiration for your own designs.
  • Design And Technology Catalogue 2018-2019

    The new Design And Technology Catalogue 2018 to 2019 is now out and should be landing in your school in the very near future. We've also uploaded a digital version that you can access while you wait for your hard copy.

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