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News & Product Updates

  • Christmas Shutdown - Last Delivery Dates!

    We'll be taking a well earned break over Christmas as usual this year. We'll be finishing on Friday the 22nd December at 4.30 as normal and we'll be back in on January the 2nd.
  • New Product News And Stocking Filler Ideas

    We've got some great new product news and stocking filler ideas to share with you. If you're struggling for gift ideas, we might just have something below that will put a smile on someone's face this Christmas.
  • Kitronik 12 Makes Of Christmas Advent Calendar

    The Kitronik 12 Makes of Christmas. We've gathered together 12 great Christmas projects that you can access via our interactive Christmas Advent Calendar. We will release a new making activity every day for the next 12 days.
  • Get Started With Zip Halo For The BBC microbit

    This is a short guide to help you get started with ZIP Halo for the BBC microbit. The techniques we cover will help to form the basis of your own coding adventures as you put ZIP Halo to work in your projects.
  • Kitronik Move App For Mobile Devices

    This FREE Kitronik Move App has been developed in response to the growing number of products and resources we've produced that make use of the microbits Bluetooth functionality.
  • Trim A Continuous Rotation Servo With Code

    In this quick tutorial, we are going to cover how to trim a continuous rotation servo with code. We will be writing our code in the Microsoft's MakeCode Editor for the BBC microbit. For those times when the trim screw isn't accessible or for when the continuous rotation servo doesn't feature a trim screw.
  • A Guide On Using Laser Materials

    This guide on using laser materials covers both Perspex acrylic sheets and laser wood including MDF, laminated MDF and plywood, aiming to answer those questions.
  • Fun Kitronik Halloween 2017 Project Ideas

    This year we've got a range of fun and creative projects to help make your Halloween a memorable one. We've got fancy dress modifications, fancy dress props, moving Halloween decorations, and some great Halloween themed add-ons for the Kitronik :MOVE mini.
  • BBC micro:bit Powered Halo-ween Fancy Dress

    Halloween offers the perfect opportunity for some fancy dress fun. In this tutorial, we will show you how this can easily be done using the Kitronik ZIP Halo for the BBC microbit.
  • Getting Started With The Servo:Lite Board

    In this getting started guide for the Servo:Lite board for the BBC microbit we cover; attaching the Servo:Lite board to a microbit, the microbit pin assignments, and how to write code to control the lights on the board and the servos that are connected to it.
  • Getting Started With Microsoft MakeCode Editor

    This Kitronik University Resource is a part of the BBC micro:bit partnership and is a basic guide for getting started with Microsoft MakeCode Editor. Find out more...
  • Adding Extra ZIP LEDs To The Kitronik Halo

    The Kitronik ZIP Halo for the BBC microbit incorporates 24 colourful ZIP LEDs. It also has an ‘extension’ connection point that allows extra ZIP LEDs to be connected and controlled by the Halo. This tutorial shows how simple and quick this is to do.
  • 3D Printed Windup Torch Kit Resource

    We've recently released the Windup torch kit, which is a great way to learn about electronics and alternative power sources. It also lends itself perfectly to enclosure design projects, students can be tasked with designing a case and handle.
  • Design And Technology Catalogue 2017 – 2018

    The new Design And Technology Catalogue 2017 – 2018 is now out and should be landing in your school in the very near future. We've also uploaded an interactive digital version that you can access while you wait for your hard copy.
  • Guide For Coding Indicators On The :MOVE mini

    We show you how you might code the :MOVE mini to include turning indicators, much like you might find on the LED lighting arrangements on modern cars.

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