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News & Product Updates

  • Boat Race

    Miniature Race Boats by Fernwood School.
  • Kitronik Has Moved Location

    We have grown rapidly over the past 5 years (over 50% each year), which has been fantastic, but has lead to a number of headaches - the main one being a lack of space! Hence, we are moving to Shipstones Business Centre, Nottingham.
  • Which Resistor Should I Use with my LED?

    Choosing a resistor to work with an LED is fairly simple, but does require some knowledge of the LED and a small amount of maths...
  • Harnessing the Power of the Sun with a Solar Garden Light

    Teachers are now looking for projects that allow students to consider sustainability, and, what better way to do this, than with a solar garden light?
  • Arduino - a Review of the Open-source Embedded Platform

    What is Arduino? What do you need to get started with Arduino? What are the features of Arduino's hardware and software? What are the benefits of being open-source?
  • USB - The Easy Alternative to Batteries

    Batteries have always been the obvious choice to power a school project, but with our USB lead this doesn’t need to be the case...
  • SparkFun Kits Now Available

    A range of new kits and products from SparkFun Electronics have recently been introduced. These kits are typically more advanced than the kits that we currently sell and include the incredibly popular Arduino development platform.
  • How to Make a Sewable Christmas Decoration Using Our Free Pre-Cut Foam Template

    This project uses our free pre-cut foam decoration and an easy sew LED to make a simple light up Christmas decoration. The lack of specialist skills needed to make this project make it quick to make and one that is ideal for beginners or anyone wanting an e-textiles project that is simple.

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