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News & Product Updates

News articles, main blog and also homepage articles.
  • Fairground Inspired Spinning Ring by Elsa Novak

    Elsa Novak from Redhill Sixth Form joined us last week for work experience. Having completed this Fairground Project, she is here to tell you what her inspiration was for the project, how you can create your own version and her ideas to take this project even further.
  • Design & Technology Summer 2019 Update Flyer Online

    The Design And Technology Products Summer 2019 update flyer is now out and should be landing in your school soon. We've also uploaded a digital version that you can access while you wait for your hard copy. View it anytime, anywhere.
  • Stylish and Simple Clock Designs for Your Laser Cutter

    The cover of the Kitronik's Summer 2019 flyer shows this stylish simple clock design. This is an excellent product to combine a number of natural and man-made materials in an easy and satisfying project.
  • Make A Sturdy Laser Cut Stand For STOP:bit Or LAMP:bit

    In this quick and simple resource, we share a Laser Cut stand for STOP:bit and/or LAMP:bit. The stand will make them more sturdy when being deployed in the classroom or in a project. They are super easy to make and work well!
  • Electric Motors – A Brief Guide

    Motors provide a clean way to convert electrical energy (such as from batteries) into mechanical energy (or movement.) This document explains what a motor is, a little of the theory about how it works, and shows some of the different types of motors.
  • Servos – A Brief Guide

    Radio Control (RC) Servos are a simple way to provide electronically controlled movement for many projects. It does not refer to the more general, wide-ranging, description of a servo motor – that is a motor which has feedback control.
  • Teachers Lesson Plans For ACCESS:bit For microbit

    Unlock your students potential with these 2 free Lesson Plans for our ACCESS:bit for the BBC microbit. Students will learn how to code the micro:bit to control an access barrier with these classroom-ready teaching resources.
  • Extra Resources For The Kitronik Inventors Kit For Arduino

    The inventors kit for Arduino follows in the footsteps of our hugely popular inventors kit for the BBC micro:bit. The Inventor's Kit for Arduino is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction for Arduino. This Kit contains everything you need to complete the 10 experiments. These additional resources have been produced to compliment the booklet that is supplied with the kit.
  • Design & Technology Easter 2019 Update Flyer

    The Design And Technology Products Spring 2019 update is now out and should be landing in your school soon. We've also uploaded a digital version that you can access while you wait for your hard copy.
  • Laser Cut Clip Together Mono Amplifier Case

    The cover of our Easter 2019 D&T Update features this nifty clip together acrylic case. This is a super easy project, showcasing design, materials, and a small amount of soldering.The design files for the project are available, so you can quickly cut one for yourself.
  • Offcut Art From Your Laser Cutter

    Anyone who’s used a laser cutter knows the satisfying moment where all of the parts fall out of the sheet. But the sheet itself sometimes leaves a fantastic pattern that seems a shame to throw away. Display a piece of your favourite projects and save waste material with this easy bonus project!
  • Supersizing The microbit megabit For BETT

    For this year's show, the micro:bit foundation wanted to have a pair of more visible micro:bits for their stand. Kitronik often works closely with the foundation, and so when we were asked if we could help with such a fun thing, of course, we said yes. The brief was to make a mega:bit, but even more MEGA sized.
  • On The Move With microbit Case & Accessories Options

    Break free from the shackles of your workspace with our range of microbit Case & Accessories Options. If you need to cut the cord from your laptop and go mobile there are plenty of options currently available. This guide is to help you explore the possibilities and find a solution that is right for your project. 
  • 3D Printed Pocket Sized Mono Amp Case

    Put some music in your hands with this pocket sized 3D printed mono amp case. This fun build keeps each step simple but offers loads of customisation options. We can’t wait to see what you can do with it!
  • microbit Games - Controlling Movement On The LED Matrix

    Do you have an urge to write some microbit games but don't know how to start, maybe we can help. Learning how to code some basic gaming functions could be all you need to overcome coders block. Today we are going to take it back to basics and learn a couple of key concepts. Processing user input and also taking control of the LED matrix, both required knowledge if you want to create engaging games.

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