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News & Product Updates

  • BBC micro:bit Accessories

    Looking to do more with your BBC micro:bit? Unlock its potential with our BBC microbit accessories.
  • How to Make a Hook and Loop Switch (Velcro)

    This Kitronik University course looks at making a conductive hook and loop (Velcro) switch.
  • Getting Started with Igloo: 'Hello World'

    This is a tutorial for Igloo, the Sewable PICAXE Controller Board from Kitronik. Tutorial 1: 'Hello World'.
  • More MDF Sheets!

    Thanks to the massive popularity of our Laser Compatible MDF sheets, we're bringing you an ever increasing range of MDF sheets in increasing thickness. We have now increased the thickness of our MDF in new 9mm, 12mm and 18mm thicknesses!
  • How to Make a VisiGlove Cycle Safety Indicator

    Cycling has never been more popular, but faced with cycling home at night one NTU student decided that more could be done to increase safety and visibility. Enter...VisiGlove
  • Terrific Christmas Tutorials!

    The festive season is finally upon us with Christmas decorations being put up all around, why not try making your own Christmas decorations with friends and family using these useful tutorials.
  • How to make a Laser Cut LED Tea Light

    Add mood lighting to any room with these flickering LED tea lights made using our own Yellow Flickering Candle LEDs. LED tea lights are an ideal alternative to lit candles thanks to being much safer than a lit flame. The LED gives out a random flickering effect at a steady current. This tutorial shows you how to make a Christmas themed tea light using our laser cutter template.
  • E-Textiles: an Introduction to Our Electro-Fashion Range

    An introduction to our Electro-Fashion wearables range including our E-Textiles tutorials and useful links!
  • Featuring: NTU Fuzzy Circuits - LED Wallet/Purse

    The first example we are looking at is by student Harry Gowlett, who designed a purse with built-in LED, fixing the age old issue of searching for change.
  • Getting Started with E-Textiles: Choosing a Needle

    Unsure of which needle to use with our conductive thread? This quick guide will help you choose the right needle.
  • Selecting 3D Printer Filament - Kitronik University

    Selecting 3D Printer Filament. 3D printers work by building up thin layers of heated plastic material, or filament. Which you use can depend on the end use and the type of printer you have. Find out the differences between the types.
  • Introducing: High Quality Poplar Plywood

    We love supplying you with the materials for your Project Kits and we are proud to introduce an expansion of our Poplar Plywood range coming in a new 'BR' grade and in 600mm x 300mm sheet sizes.
  • Introducing: Medite MDF Sheets

    Here at Kitronik, we love providing you with all of the materials you could possibly need for your project or Project Kit. Thanks to its popularity, we are introducing a huge expansion of our laserable Medite MDF sheets with sheet sizes ranging from 600mm x 300mm to 1200m x 800mm and from 3mm to 9mm thickness.
  • D&T Association - Designed and Made in Britain...?

    D&T in primary and secondary school is currently facing many challenges including teacher recruitment, reducing curriculum time and decreasing GCSE entries.
  • Featuring: NTU Fuzzy Circuits - LED Jacket

    Last February, some first-year Art & Design Students at Nottingham Trent University showed some of their latest creations using Kitronik's own Electro-Fashion range. As a part of their course, each student had to design and make a sewable electronic circuit as a practical application.

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