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News & Product Updates

  • Programming and creating circuits with the BBC microbit

    Our Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit contains over 50+ parts and allows you to make 10 experiments that are included in detail using the provided Tutorial Book.
  • BBC micro:bit Launch Day!

    After many months of hard work by all of the BBC micro:bit partners, today it was finally time to launch the device and what better venue to do this at, than the London stock exchange.
  • BBC micro:bit Live Lesson

    The first BBC micro:bit focused live lesson is now out. Dan Walker, Ella Williamson and Ana Matronic are in the people's history museum as they take a closer look.
  • 600mm x 300mm Perspex Sheets

    In direct response to our recent survey about material sheet size and laser cutter bed size we are continuing to expand our range of 600mm x 300mm sheets. This time we've introduced opaque Perspex. This is the same as the Perspex we already sell, genuine branded Perspex with a laser cut safe protective film, and their unique 10 year guarantee, just more convenient for those of you with a smaller laser cutter.
  • BBC micro:bit Line Following Buggy Build Instructions

    This is a step by step guide to building the BBC micro:bit Line Following Buggy. The buggy uses two light dependant resistors to control a line following board on the bottom of the chassis to 'follow' black lines.
  • BBC micro:bit Controlled Crane

    This is a step by step guide to customising a toy crane to be controlled with a BBC micro:bit, using the Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit and the built-in accelerometer to detect tilt and turn motions.
  • Digital Skills Panel in Parliament

    A selection of BBC micro:bit partners were invited to Parliament this week as a Digital Skills Panel, chaired by Rory Cellan-Jones met to discuss the digital skills shortage in the UK.
  • Mount and Protect your BBC microbit

    Just got your BBC micro:bit and want to protect it from external damage? We've got the perfect cases for your BBC micro:bit. Whether you are mounting it on a wall or protecting it from falling off a buggy, Our MI:Pro 'Protector' and 'Mountable' series cases are perfect for your BBC micro:bit!
  • How to Remove Solder - Kitronik University

    Have you ever made a mistake soldering? Heard of solder wick but not sure how to use it? Or perhaps you've seen a solder sucker but not sure if it's the right tool for the job. Join Kevin as he shows you show to remove solder.
  • Fernwood Design Day 2016

    Every year, Fernwood School hosts a 'Design Day' for Year 9 students where external companies run workshops to show what they are doing in relation to D&T. This year, over 11 companies provided workshops including Dyson and Boots!
  • Igloo, PICAXE Wearable Module: Perfect for programmable e-textiles!

    The Electro-Fashion: Igloo PICAXE Wearable Module is ideal for all of your e-textiles project needs including adding the endless possibilities of programming to your wearable projects!
  • E-textiles Workshop - Julie Boyd

    In December 2015 Paul and Julie Boyd ran an exciting two day e-textiles workshop at The STEM Centre in York using Kitronik’s Electro Fashion e-textiles resources, including the Igloo, PICAXE wearable module.
  • Introducing: Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit

    Break out all 21 pins of the BBC micro:bit and easily connect additional components using the new Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit from Kitronik.
  • A Visit to Merchant Taylors' School

    Last week, two members of Kitronik went down from our Headquarters in Nottingham down to run a workshop at Merchant Taylors' School in London as a part of their Design Week held annually.
  • BETT Show 2016 Highlights

    Last week, we were excited to be one of the three partners with the BBC for showcasing the BBC micro:bit at the BETT Show 2016.

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