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  • D&T: 87 MPs Demand Inclusion Of Subject In EBacc

    MP Michelle Donelan has secured the support of almost 90 MP's for a proposed change to EBacc that would allow schools to class design and technology as a science and offer it as a choice to students.
  • Electro Fashion Day At Nottingham Trent University

    Kevin and Tim were at NTU yesterday to see the fantastic projects that the students had created using products from our Electro Fashion range. Four ideas were presented on the day that were all excellent and all very different from each other. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring visit.
  • Robox Update Automaker To V2.01.02

    Robox Update Automaker To V2.01.02 . As CEL Robox have moved deeper into dual material printing, recent updates to their Automaker software have been geared towards facilitating this. There have been a number of multi-material related new features and a few days ago they updated Automaker to V2.01.02. This added another new feature for removing the gap between the support material and your part, when using a dual material head.
  • The BBC micro:bit Now In Stock

    The BBC micro:bit Now In Stock! It's been well over a month since the BBC micro:bit went onto pre-order so we are very pleased to announce that we have had stock delivered and can now begin to send out customer orders. As fulfilling customer pre-orders is going to be quite a task, we've cleared the offices and got almost everyone into production.
  • 8 Things You Didn't Know About Perspex Sheets

    As Perspex sheets are one of the most popular materials found in Design and Technology departments we thought it would be interesting to share some facts that many people may not know. We've picked 8 things that we think many people won't know about this highly versatile and widely used design material. How many did you know?
  • Design And Technology Upcycling With Burned By Design

    I never expected to be thinking about work last weekend when I was at the East Midlands Flower Show, but when I saw the fantastic creations of Burned by Design and went over to have a closer look. It turned out that the owner, Alex, is a Design and Technology teacher.
  • Replenish D&T Stocks For The New School Year

    The summer holidays are almost upon us and D&T Department stocks may be beginning to dwindle, so why not replenish D&T stocks before the summer to ensure the new school year gets off to a flying start.
  • Use The BBC micro:bit As An Instrument Tuner

    In this tutorial we are going to highlight how easy it is to code the BBC micro:bit as an instrument tuner. We will focus mainly on making a Guitar tuner but we will also provide download links for several different types of tuner.
  • DIY Precision Tools Project

    Our good friends at Just Add Sharks have created a great resource detailing how you can make your own precision tools. These projects show how you can make cost effect precision tools with some plywood and access to a laser cutter.
  • Out And About With Kitronik

    This week and next, armed with BBC micro:bits and accessories, Kitronik are breaking free from the office and attending fun education based events that are aimed at showing young people and educators that there is a world of opportunity out there for people with the right skills.
  • NTU Design Technology Workshop - Concrete Mix And Make

    On Wednesday the 8th of June our very own Tim Goodman went to Nottingham Trent University with a small group of Design and Technology Teachers for a day designed to help them drive ideas forward. The course was hosted by Nottingham Trent University's Kerry Truman and began with a briefing on all the different opportunities there at NTU for such learning.
  • Using The BBC micro:bit To Control A Servo

    In this tutorial we are going to look at how to control a servo using the BBC micro:bit via an Edge Connector Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bit. It’s super simple to set up and requires very few parts.
  • June 2016 Design & Technology Update Online

    Our June 2016 Design & Technology Update is now out and due to arrive at your school very shortly (if it hasn't already) - here's your online copy.
  • How to make your own Dancer's Clock

    This fun little tutorial shows you how to make a simple dancer's clock, great for the dancer or musician in your life.
  • BBC micro:bit Pedestrian Crossing Project

    This Pedestrian Crossing project was submitted to us by Thomas Stratford. Thomas started this project to try out the pre-written code that came with the IET Pedestrian Crossing resource. The aim is to use the BBC micro:bit to develop a prototype for a pedestrian crossing for a local secondary school.

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