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  • UK Maker Faire 2016 In Newcastle

    We were excited once again to be at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle all weekend for the UK Maker Faire 2016. The UK Maker Faire is the UK's biggest collection of hackers, crafters, coders, DIYers and garden shed inventors and offers a great way to spend an enjoyable day out with the family whilst offering endless learning opportunities via fun activities.
  • What to do with scrap Perspex?

    If you've ever done any projects involving Perspex, no matter how careful you've been to maximise your usage, you'll always have at least some scrap Perspex left over. Harry Gowlett, a second year Secondary Design and Technology Education student at Nottingham Trent University, shares some excellent tips on how you might recycle your Perspex offcuts into useful items.
  • Amplifier/Speaker Case 3D Printing Resources

    This resource has been designed to show how you can use our Mono and stereo amplifier module kits as the basis for a 3D printing project.
  • Programming and creating circuits with the BBC micro:bit

    Our Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit contains over 50+ parts and allows you to make 10 experiments that are included in detail using the provided Tutorial Book.
  • BBC micro:bit Launch Day!

    After many months of hard work by all of the BBC micro:bit partners, today it was finally time to launch the device and what better venue to do this at, than the London stock exchange.
  • BBC micro:bit Live Lesson

    The first BBC micro:bit focused live lesson is now out. Dan Walker, Ella Williamson and Ana Matronic are in the people's history museum as they take a closer look.
  • 600mm x 300mm Perspex Sheets

    In direct response to our recent survey about material sheet size and laser cutter bed size we are continuing to expand our range of 600mm x 300mm sheets. This time we've introduced opaque Perspex. This is the same as the Perspex we already sell, genuine branded Perspex with a laser cut safe protective film, and their unique 10 year guarantee, just more convenient for those of you with a smaller laser cutter.
  • BBC micro:bit Line Following Buggy Build Instructions

    This is a step by step guide to building the BBC micro:bit Line Following Buggy. The buggy uses two light dependant resistors to control a line following board on the bottom of the chassis to 'follow' black lines.
  • BBC micro:bit Controlled Crane

    This is a step by step guide to customising a toy crane to be controlled with a BBC micro:bit, using the Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit and the built-in accelerometer to detect tilt and turn motions.
  • Digital Skills Panel in Parliament

    A selection of BBC micro:bit partners were invited to Parliament this week as a Digital Skills Panel, chaired by Rory Cellan-Jones met to discuss the digital skills shortage in the UK.
  • Mount and Protect your BBC micro:bit

    Just got your BBC micro:bit and want to protect it from external damage? We've got the perfect cases for your BBC micro:bit. Whether you are mounting it on a wall or protecting it from falling off a buggy, Our MI:Pro 'Protector' and 'Mountable' series cases are perfect for your BBC micro:bit!
  • How to Remove Solder - Kitronik University

    Have you ever made a mistake soldering? Heard of solder wick but not sure how to use it? Or perhaps you've seen a solder sucker but not sure if it's the right tool for the job. Join Kevin as he shows you show to remove solder.
  • Fernwood Design Day 2016

    Every year, Fernwood School hosts a 'Design Day' for Year 9 students where external companies run workshops to show what they are doing in relation to D&T. This year, over 11 companies provided workshops including Dyson and Boots!
  • Igloo, PICAXE Wearable Module: Perfect for programmable e-textiles!

    The Electro-Fashion: Igloo PICAXE Wearable Module is ideal for all of your e-textiles project needs including adding the endless possibilities of programming to your wearable projects!
  • E-textiles Workshop - Julie Boyd

    In December 2015 Paul and Julie Boyd ran an exciting two day e-textiles workshop at The STEM Centre in York using Kitronik’s Electro Fashion e-textiles resources, including the Igloo, PICAXE wearable module.

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