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News & Product Updates

  • Doctor Who And The BBC micro:bit Live Lesson

    The BBC micro:bit is to be put to the test at the controls of the TARDIS in this special Live Lesson, in collaboration with the team behind Doctor Who.
  • Kitronik Are Going To The Maker Faire UK In April

    Maker Faire UK is the greatest show (and tell) on Earth and we're excited to be exhibiting! Taking place on Saturday 01 – Sunday 02 April 2017 at Life Science Centre in Newcastle, it’s a two-day family-friendly festival of invention and creativity.
  • Geoff Hampson In York For microbit CPD

    On Monday Kitronik Director, Geoff Hampson, was at the National STEM Centre in York with Paul Boyd and Gemma Taylor. They were there to deliver 1-day CPD course on "Using the microbit in design and technology/ICT" to teachers and technicians.
  • Protect Your Wolfblood Secrets With The microbit

    The BBC microbit has teamed up with CBBC drama Wolfbood. Discover how you can use your microbit to create secure boxes and to create an ID badge in order to protect the Wolfblood secrets. The BBC have provided video walk-throughs, featuring key cast members, and detailed instructions to help you with the projects.
  • Product Update Diaphragm Pump & Silicone Tube

    In this week's product update, we've got the perfect lines for those that want to make projects that require moving water, or air, from one place to another. Great for fish tanks, water features or automated watering systems.
  • NTU Designing with E-textiles Course 2017

    NTU Designing with E-textiles Summer 2017. Join Nottingham Trent University this summer on a course for people who want to create products that bring together electronics and textiles into a new and exciting forum.
  • Annabelle Greaves E-Textiles Handcrafted Bags

    Customer Annabelle Greaves of Hello Violaceous specialises in handcrafted purses & accessories, which also feature our E-Textile products. Find out more...
  • New Produts Laser Rubber & Hamburger Speaker

    Towards the end of last week we introduced two new products, one for the makers and one for the noise makers. New to our range are; 2.3mm Laser Rubber A4 sheets and the 3W Hamburger mini speaker. Both the Laser compatible rubber and the hamburger mini speakers are in stock and available to order in the Kitronik shop.
  • microbit Lap Counter For Scalextric Like Track

    Our good friend, David Booth, has designed and built a microbit lap counter for a Scalextric type car track and we think it's fantastic. Learn how he did it and make your own.
  • New Product - Cardboard Mono Amplifier Case

    You may not have noticed but we've recently introduced a new Cardboard Mono Amplifier case that offers an extremely cost effective way of housing an amp, that is part of an electronics-focused practical task, without having to spend weeks on the enclosure.
  • Kitronik And The microbit Foundation Visit Serbia

    Along with Gareth James, Director of Educational Programs for the microbit Foundation, our own Tim Goodman visited the Serbian capital Belgrade last week to spread the word about education and the BBC microbit.
  • New Product Update - Introducing NeoPixels

    What's better for your project than rings, boards and sticks of pulsing, colourful miniature LEDs? We can't think of much else, and that's why we've added them to our range.
  • DIY Heng Lamp Laser Cutter Project

    Fire up the laser cutters for this DIY Heng Lamp project by our good friends Just Add Sharks. It's a great Design & Technology challenge for your students, not to mention that it will result in some amazing looking furniture.
  • Highlights From Our Week @ BETT 2017

    We had a fantastic time at BETT 2017, the show seemed much busier this year and our stand was a hive of activity from start to finish. Although we barely had time to leave the stand, we did manage to sneak a few pictures of our own stand and of a few of the stands nearby.
  • 3D Printed Bluetooth Amplifier Case Resource

    Learn how to design a 3D printed Bluetooth amplifier case for our newly released. Bluetooth Amplifier Kit. We give you insight into how we designed a case and we've included our files as a free download.

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