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News & Product Updates

  • Vibrobots - Milton Abbey School

    These vibrobots were sent in by James Ratcliffe of Milton Abbey School following a recent year 8 taster activity. Rather than provide students with our complete vibrobug kit or fizzbit module, they got a coin cell power board kit and a vibrating motor, and got to work on their own designs.
  • micro:bit Educational Foundation Launch

    Yesterday saw the launch of the micro:bit Educational Foundation, the new non-profit organisation tasked with driving the next stages of the BBC micro:bit development and rolling out the micro:bit to Europe and beyond.
  • Kitronik Going To The Derby Mini Maker Faire 2016

    Kitronik will be at the 5th Annual Derby Mini Maker Faire this Saturday the 22nd October between 10am - 4pm at the Derby Silk Mill, why not pop down and say hi! We'll have the 1,000 micro:bit display along with an assortment of other cool things to show you. See you there!
  • Kitronik Inventors Kit Resources

    This resource consists of a selection of links to the additional resources that we have created to accompany each of the experiments. Each experiment has a walk-through video that also contains hints and tips designed to help you complete the experiment and to understand how the circuits work, we have also included links to additional code examples.
  • Bitty Software Game Controller Mobile App

    The Bitty Software Game Controller App for iOS & Android unlocks the Bluetooth functionality of the BBC micro:bit and allows you to interact with it via your Android or iOS mobile devices.
  • Free Laser Cut Perspex Amplifier Case Resources

    This resource has been produced to provide a great way for you to create cases for our very popular MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0 Kit and our High Power Stereo Amplifier Kit.
  • Halloween 3D Printing & Laser Cutting Projects

    With Halloween just a few weeks away there is no better time to begin planning your spooky making activities, we thought we would get in nice and early this year and share some of ideas. We've got a few Halloween 3D printing and laser cutting projects to help get you in the mood and maybe give you a few ideas too!
  • An Introduction To 3D Design In 123D Design

    This is a step by step guide for using free design tools to create 2D and 3D designs for 3D printing. The purpose of the design was to produce a resistor lead forming tool that would ensure that all resistors in a project were bent in an identical way, the perfect tool for those working on an electronics project that is going to be marked.
  • Make A Light Rig For Time-Lapse 3D Prints

    We show you how we made a custom light rig for time-lapse 3D print videos to ensure consistent results for each print. This is the conclusion of our short series of articles on creating time-lapse videos of 3D prints.
  • 3D Printed Desktop 5V LED Lamp Resource

    This 3D printed lamp resource has been designed for the 5v LED lamp kit. This enclosure shows that even with a prototype style manufacturing platform, it is possible to produce production quality products.
  • Make A Time-Lapse 3D Print Video With A DSLR

    Continuing our short series on how to create time-lapse 3D print videos, this time we are going to cover how to use Robox’s Go Pro Trigger function to trigger a DSLR Camera and make a time-lapse video.
  • New Products Now Available To Order At Kitronik

    Now available to order at Kitronik are three new lines that will help you bring your design and technology project ideas and lessons to life. As Design and Technology is a large and varied subject we are always on the lookout for new lines that will help teachers deliver the wide ranging syllabus, be that materials, components or new electronics kits.
  • The Big Food Survey And The BBC micro:bit

    Team BBC micro:bit has teamed up with the health research charity the Wellcome Trust on their latest project, The Crunch. They want to hear all about how we eat, so that they can start talking about how food has the power to change our bodies and our whole environment. There will also be a BBC micro:bit firmware update that will give the BBC micro:bit the extra functionality that it will need.
  • The Motor Driver Board For The BBC micro:bit V2

    As has been highlighted in the most recent BBC micro:bit newsletter, we have just launched a new and improved version of our very popular Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit, The Motor Driver Board V2.
  • Design And Technology Catalogue 2016 - 2017

    As the summer break fades to a memory we can't think of a better way to get the new School year off to a flying start than with the Kitronik design and technology catalogue 2016-2017, which we have also conveniently put online.

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