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  • Introducing: Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit

    Break out all 21 pins of the BBC micro:bit and easily connect additional components using the new Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit from Kitronik.
  • A Visit to Merchant Taylors' School

    Last week, two members of Kitronik went down from our Headquarters in Nottingham down to run a workshop at Merchant Taylors' School in London as a part of their Design Week held annually.
  • BETT Show 2016 Highlights

    Last week, we were excited to be one of the three partners with the BBC for showcasing the BBC micro:bit at the BETT Show 2016.
  • Igloo Tutorial 4: Fading LED - Pulse Width Modulation

    This tutorial demonstrates how to use an Igloo PICAXE wearable module to make the on-board LED blink on and off.
  • New Veneered MDF

    Want to add a touch of class to your project? We've expanded our range of Veneered MDF and set up a separate category on our online shop so you can view the whole of our Veneered MDF all in one place.
  • Building the 1,000 BBC micro:bit Matrix Display

    the creation of an amazing screen of BBC micro:bits. The screen measures 2.2m by 1.4m and comprises of over 1000 of the pocket sized coding devices which will soon be delivered to every year 7 pupil in the UK.
  • A Preview of the BETT Show 2016

    We're launching a number of products including the 'Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit at the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show) 2016.
  • Igloo Tutorial 3: Blink - External Digital Output

    This tutorial demonstrates how to use an Igloo PICAXE wearable module to make a sewable E-textiles LED flash on and off.
  • January Clearance Sale

    It's the New Year and what better to do than to put some clearance products on sale to give you the best deal so you can keep on making all of the way through the year. Whether you're adding functionality or decorating your project, we've got a selection of clearance items to suit your need.
  • Creating 3D Printed Memory Stick Cases

    This resource has been designed to show how you can use our uncased memory stick modules as the basis for a 3D printing project. A memory stick is a great place to start when learning how to use 3D Printers and CAD software. This is because they are small in size, meaning they are quick to print (when compared to larger designs), but can still offer a wide range of learning and design experiences.
  • Igloo Tutorial 2: Momentary Switch

    This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Igloo's on-board push button switch as a momentary switch to turn the on-board LED on and off. The LED will come on while the button is held down and turn off when the button is released.
  • Plywood: The Production Process

    Plywood is a wood-based panel product comprised of a collection of veneers that are glued together with a resin. To sum up the production process; logs are peeled into veneers, the veneers are lathered in glue, laid up so that the grain direction of each veneer is perpendicular to its adjacent veneer, pressed together, trimmed and sanded. But there is more to the production process than just that...
  • BBC micro:bit Accessories

    Looking to do more with your BBC micro:bit? Unlock its potential with our BBC micro:bit accessories.
  • How to Make a Hook and Loop Switch (Velcro)

    This Kitronik University course looks at making a conductive hook and loop (Velcro) switch.
  • Getting Started with Igloo: 'Hello World'

    This is a tutorial for Igloo, the Sewable PICAXE Controller Board from Kitronik. Tutorial 1: 'Hello World'.

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