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News & Product Updates

  • New Product News Roundup July 2018

    It's been quite a while since we last shared any new product news via a blog post. We've been so busy of late that we haven't done much to bring new additions to our range to your attention. The lure of attending shows and events has been too great, we love getting out and about and meeting as many people as possible!
  • 4 Lesson Plans For :MOVE mini For The microbit

    Unlock your students potential with these 4 Robotics Lesson Plans for :MOVE mini for the BBC microbit. They have been written by a Teacher for Teachers. They offer classroom-ready lesson plans designed specifically to help you deliver the curriculum at Key Stage 3.
  • The Carlton Academy Year 11 Amplifier Designs

    These excellent examples of amplifier kit enclosers were sent in by Dale Mears from The Carlton Academy in Nottingham. They were designed and made by year 11 students.
  • Lesson Plans For The :GAME ZIP 64 For microbit

    Unlock your students potential with our 5 Lesson Plans For The :GAME ZIP 64 for BBC microbit. Written by a Teacher for Teachers, they offer classroom-ready lesson plans designed specifically to help you deliver the curriculum at Key Stage 3.
  • microbit Projects From Milford Haven School

    Meirion Owen of Milford Haven School sent in these great pictures of Student microbit projects. The AS Product Design Students have come up with some great practical examples of what can be done with a microbit and some ingenuity.
  • EduBlocks Editor For microbit Getting Started

    EduBlocks is a drag and drop blockly style coding editor that is based on Python. In this getting started guide, we cover the information you need to get up and running fast. Don't worry if you are new to Python and/or coding, once you learn the editor the rest will come in time.
  • The June 2018 Update Design & Technology Flyer

    The Kitronik June 2018 D&T update flyer is now out and it's chock full of great products! If you don't yet have your hard copy; we've also put it online for your convenience, access it anytime, anywhere and on any device that has an internet browser.
  • 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Case - Leon Fortt

    Leon Fortt of Langley Park School for Boys in Beckenham sent in these pictures of a stylish enclosure he made for one of our 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Kits. It's a great example of how you can take a kit and turn it into a useful item that would look great on a desk, shelf, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit - Fleming Fulton School

    Phil Maxwell of Fleming Fulton School in Belfast sent in these great photographs built around our 5V LED Desk Lamps. The excellent lamps were designed and made by Year 9 students. Each lamp is built around a wooden frame, with a 3D printed collar and finished with laser etched inserts.
  • May The Fourth Be With You!

    May the fourth be with you Gallery! It's not all work work work here at Kitronik HQ. Sometimes it's fun work fun! Which is the case this may the fourth, or Star Wars day as it is commonly known.
  • The Five Minute microbit Guide

    Get up and running quickly with the five minute microbit guide. It covers everything you need to begin using your microbit straightway. First of all, we cover the essential topics required to get you up and running. And finally, there are a couple of links at the end to point you to more free guides to help you develop as a coder. Find out more!
  • How To Make A Laser Cut Map

    We wanted some new artwork for the office walls when we move to our new premises next month and last weekend I had spent the day with family at Highfields Park boating lake. I decided this would make an interesting piece for a laser cut map as the contrast between the water and land is easy to show. The same technique could be used for any area with both water and land in it.
  • Kitronik Are Moving To A New HQ - Key Dates

    It had to happen sooner or later but we've now outgrown our current HQ and we are now moving! A new HQ has been sourced and is now being prepared for our arrival. The move will allow us to expand our stocked range of products significantly.
  • ZIP LEDs Experiment 10 - Using A Potentiometer

    ZIP LEDs Experiment 10 for the ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack for the Kitronik Inventors Kit for the microbit. This experiment covers how to use a potentiometer to control the speed at which an LED spins around a ring. This experiment is not in the booklet and is only available online. Find out more...
  • FREE :GAME ZIP 64 Cases - 3D Printed/Laser Cut

    We have created some fantastic free :GAME ZIP 64 cases resources to make your gamer stand out. Use a 3D printer or laser cutter to make these great cases. Find out how!

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