News & Product Updates

  • Electro-Fashion Madness!

    We've introduced a large number of boards including a couple Latching Switches, Sewable 5mm LED Holders, a new Sewable Buzzer and an e-textiles battery.
  • How to Make a Soft Press Stud Switch

    This Kitronik University course tutorial will tell you how to make a Stud Press Switch.
  • New Robox 3D Printer Starter Pack!

    Whether you are starting off in the world of 3D Printing or you are looking for a compact, 3D Printer for your School; the Robox 3D Printer Starter Pack
  • New Digital Auto Ranging Multimeter!

    Whether you're developing your own project, or building one of our project kits, sometimes thing don't go as smoothly as you'd like. Enter our new Digital Auto Ranging Multimeter.
  • It’s live!!!

    The BBC micro:bit project has today reached another significant milestone. We are delighted that the corporation has launched a new website to support the use of the BBC micro:bit, giving teachers, children and parents time to learn more about the device prior to delivery.
  • Another Robox Visit!

    Last week, the newest member of our Team went down to see the guys at CEL Robox for some training on how to use the Robox 3D Printer to its best abilities.
  • Introducing: Motors Galore!

    This week, we are powering ahead by introducing 4 new motors. These motors are ideal for a variety of applications that include low current solar power.
  • 5mm Perspex Now Available!

    We are proud to be bringing you a huge expansion to our Perspex range now including 5mm thickness Opaque and Fluorescent and new 3mm Transparent colours.
  • How to Make a Soft Tilt Switch Using Jewellery - Kitronik University

    This Kitronik University course looks at making a slide switch using a piece of metal jewellery.
  • Introducing: Solar Cells - Shining a Light on Solar Energy

    This week, we are expanding our Solar cells including new and improved 1.5, 2 and 5V Polycrystalline solar cells. These cells are more efficient in the unpredictable British weather.
  • 3D Printing Design Software

    Download and use a number of 3D CAD software suites to design your 3D Print. You can then export the files in a .stl format. Below is a list of three 3D CAD software packages for creating 3D designs for your 3D printer:
  • How to Make a Stylish E-Textiles BagLight

    The BagLight is a moveable LED strip designed to help people find items in their bag easily. It uses a soft battery holder that makes the strip thin and compact. The outside is made out of leatherette so it is in keeping with the aesthetics of bags, although any fabric could be used. The bag light has a strap that can be pinned or clipped on to the inside of a bag. Check out this step by step guide to making your own BagLight.
  • MyMiniFactory 3D Printing Competition

    This week, we are proud to be sponsoring a MyMiniFactory 3D Printing competition, where prizes include some of our most popular kits and a Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer.
  • MP3 Mono Amp and FM Radio Cases

    Students from from Milton Abbey School and Wisbech Grammar School have been producing these fantastic cases using our FM Radios and MP3 Mono Amplifier Kits.
  • Kitting Pupils Out for Learning!

    This year so far has been a year of celebration: we are currently celebrating our 10th Birthday with the added bonus of celebrating the sale of our millionth home produced kit here in Nottingham.

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