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  • Introducing: Oak Veneered Plywood and MDF!

    As you know at Kitronik, we like to be able to provide you with a wide range of materials to build projects with, whether it is our range of perspex and acrylics, our very own Electro-Fashion range, or our laser-cut suitable plywood and MDF panels.

    With this in mind we are delighted to bring to you the addition of Oak Veneered Plywood and Oak Veneer MDF sheets to the range, measuring 600mm x 400mm.


    There are two different cuts that can be used in veneer production, ‘quarter cut’ which are cut at 90 degrees, producing the effect of a straight grain, and ‘crown cut’ veneers which are sliced through the log, producing ‘crowns’ and adding more character to the finish. Both cuts provide a quality finish, though crown cuts generally provide more of a pattern. These two products are made from the higher quality "Crown Cut".

    A wood veneer is not like an artificial surface such as melamine or a laminate, as it is cut from the log and therefore has it’s own unique grain, texture, and colour.

    The Oak veneers used on both these MDF and plywood sheets are of the highest quality A grade (see our plywood grading guide) Oak panelling on the topside, making them ideal for outer facing panelling or structural projects that would be improved aesthetically.

    You can always add one of our Electronic Project Kits to create something unique and highly robust with the A grade Oak veneer to improve the appearance of your creation.

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  • Fashion Embroidery & Stitch Show - Julie Boyd

    Our friend Julie Boyd, an experienced Design & Technology Consultant, recently exhibited at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show at the NEC in Birmingham. This was her 3rd Year at the show and was her busiest year to date! Have a read about what she got up to here.
  • Inside The Gadget Show Live 2015

    his week sees the 7th annual Gadget Show Live held at the Birmingham NEC from April 8th - 12th, we're there alongside CEL to showcase the Robox printer.
  • Nottingham Trent University First Year Design & Technology Projects

    In partnership with Nottingham Trent University’s Design and Technology faculty, Kitronik assisted with a brief for first year undergraduate students, designing and making an item as part of their studying of E-textiles and inspired by our Electro-Fashion ® range. We then went along to their presentation morning to see them present their ideas to their course tutor, and get a good look at them ourselves.
  • Introducing: Desoldering Iron/Solder Suckers, Soldering Tips, and Accessories!

    this week we bring you our new desoldering iron/solder sucker, some new soldering iron tips, and some other accessories for your soldering kit.
  • BBC Make It Digital 2015

    Last month the BBC launched it’s 'Make it Digital' campaign, a major UK-wide initiative to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology. Here we have provided some details about our involvement in the project.
  • Introducing: Exciters, Solar Cells, & How To Use Them!

    This week we have introduced solar cells to give your kits renewable energy sources, and exciters to turn any surface into a speaker!
  • Guest Post: Dixons Trinity Academy Product Design Build Concrete Speakers

    This week we have a guest post brought to you by Phil Wickham of Dixons Trinity Academy, whose class have made some concrete speakers using our PIC Controlled Mono Amp Kit.
  • Introducing: LiPo Battery Chargers and more!

    another product launch here at Kitronik, this week bringing you our new range of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) chargers and boosters, perfect for powering up your own home builds and devices such as mobile phones, amplifier kits, arduino projects, and more.
  • Kitronik Becomes A Robox Affiliated Reseller!

    Last week two of the team went down to CEL Headquarters in Portishead, to learn more about the technical process behind the Robox RBX-01 printer and build one too during the trip.
  • Introducing: Coloured Mirror Acrylic

    This week we are introducing our new range of coloured mirror acrylics, ideal for projects like speaker casings, amplifier kits, and custom cases. We also have a great example of 3D printing, demonstrating the capabilities of the technology.
  • Exploring My Mini Factory 3D Printing Resource

    You don't have to be a 3D designer to print your own project kit enclosures thanks to resources such as My Mini Factory. As part of our continued focus on the Robox RBX1 3D Printer we are revisiting My Mini Factory, and building a Retro Radio Kit downloaded from the site.
  • In Depth: The CEL Robox 3D Printer

    Learn more about the CEL Robox 3D Printer, it's key features, and the results it is capable of producing.
  • Introducing: The CEL Robox 3D Printer

    This week’s blog features our biggest product launch to date, the CEL Robox 3D Printer and filaments range! We have been looking forward to bringing this to you for a few weeks now, and so here it is along with some information for you to browse through.
  • What If? Machine: 2015, Derby Silk Mill Museum

    The What If? Machine was an open weekend held at the Derby Silk Mill Museum to celebrate the work of famous illustrator and eccentric William Heath-Robinson. Dominic Morrow, the coordinator gave us an insight into the day and it's events.

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