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BBC micro:bit 3D Printable Case - Kitronik University

microbit - Kitronik University

This Kitronik University resource is part of the BBC micro:bit partnership and will show you how to make a BBC micro:bit 3D printable case. It has been produced in conjunction with our friends at Robox. We are currently working on this project, it will be available later on this summer. In the meantime enjoy this sneak preview!

microbit _logo_870

Straight from the development lab, check out these renders, and pictures of the first prototype.

microbit 3d_printable_microbit_case_02_560

As you can see, the design is quite simple and offers protection for your BBC microbit, gives you access to the BBC microbits buttons and also allows for full visibility of the LED matrix on the microbit.

microbit 3d_printable_microbit_case_01_560

Once the design for the BBC microbit 3D printable case is settled it just remains to import the design into your 3D printer software and to print it. As we have Robox printers we use AutoMaker to manage our 3D print jobs. When importing your designs ensure that the model is placed on the printing bed in a suitable way.

microbit 3d_printable_microbit_case_03

If your print was successful, with a bit of tidying up your BBC micro:bit 3D printable case should be good to go.



You can see our full BBC micro:bit - Kitronik University Course here.


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