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Kitronik Has Moved Location

Over the past 5 years we have grown rapidly (at over 50% year on year), which has been fantastic, but has lead to a number of headaches. One of these has been the constant need for more storage and has resulted in us having to take on extra space on an annual basis. We soon had three units in the business centre and decided that it was time to move into a single larger industrial unit. Our new premises will triple the space available, which will allow us to continue to expand and improve the range of products that we offer schools. In order to keep the impact on schools to a minimum we moved the week before Easter (when most schools are on holiday). We were back open and processing orders on Tuesday 26th April.


If you have purchased from Kitronik we have writen to the admin / ordering people at your school to let them know we have moved.


From 275 square feet to 3,000 square feet. Kitronik director Geoff Hampson reflects on the early days.

Our first business unit was 275 square feet, to give this some context at the time my lounge was bigger than my work. The small size wasn’t a problem to start with but as we added more stock, we added more racking to put it on and the room soon became less of an office and more of a store room. By the time we were ready to take on a 2nd unit 12 months later, my desk was crammed into the corner of the room. When I say crammed I didn’t have to walk sideways to get to it but it wasn’t far off. It certainly made aircraft seating look spacious!

To maximise the space there was a set of shelves immediately behind me which held amongst other things, the printer. It was so close that I could reach over my shoulder to get printouts. Whilst you might think this was convenient, you need to remember that printers aren’t known for their quiet operation and our printer was noisy and right by my ear. If I was printing teaching material and the phone rang I had to stop it before taking the call. Things have moved on from the early days and we will soon be in a building over 10 times bigger.


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