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Inventors Kit Experiment 5 Further Help

Inventors Kit Experiment 5 Further Help. This resource has been produced to compliment the booklet provided with the Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit as a source of further information and hints and tips.

Inventors Kit Experiment 5 Further Help -intro-870

This further help resource contains download links for additional code examples and also a walk-through video that covers the experiment in full. The video also has hints and tips to help you complete the experiment.


Inventors Kit Experiment 5 - Using The Accelerometer To Control Motor Speed :

The BBC micro:bit has a built in accelerometer. The accelerometer detects if it is speeding up or slowing down in 3 directions, labelled below as X, Y and Z. Each axis can measure between -4096 and 4096 which correlates with -4 and 4Gs.

A G is an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second per second; this is the acceleration that objects under the influence of earth’s gravity experience.


Video Walk-Through With Hints & Tips:



Inventors Kit Experiment 5 Code Examples:


Booklet Errata:

The current version of the BBC micro:bit booklet is 1.3. If you have version 1.1 then please see below for corrections made to the current version.

When creating the Touch Develop Script:

  • To add a new variable called 'Tilt' select 'var (new variable)' and change the default name to 'Tilt'.
  • To add the input -> acceleration code delete the default '0' and then use the commands within the 'input' command set.
  • To use the Tilt variable delete the default value and then select the 'Tilt' variable.

See below for more information.



Kitronik Inventors Kit Resources:

Exp No#. Experiment Name. Resource Type.
1 Say Hello to the BBC micro:bit. Further Help.
2 Using an LDR and analog inputs. Full Experiment + Further Help.
3 Dimming an LED using a potentiometer. Further Help.
4 Using a transistor to drive a motor. Full Experiment + Further Help.
5 Using the accelerometer to control motor speed. Further Help.
6 Setting the tone with a piezo buzzer. Further Help.
7 Wind Power. Full Experiment + Further Help.
8 Making a game using the compass. Further Help.
9 Capacitor charge circuit. Further Help.
10 Using an RGB LED. Further Help.
11 Making a pedestrian crossing. Full Experiment + Further Help.
12 Making a random dice. Full Experiment + Further Help.


Get The Kitronik Inventors Kit For The BBC microbit:

We do two versions of the Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit, with or without the BBC micro:bit included. Chose the option that is right for you from the links below.

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