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Interactive Learn and Test Zone

Learning is as easy as ABC:

  • A. Teach: Read through the presentation on a particular topic at your own pace.
  • B. Test: Take an interactive multiple choice test to check your understanding.
  • C. Take away: Download the PDF resource on the topic for future reference.
Topic Teach Test Take away
interactive_learn_and_test_iconpart Component uses & symbols Learn about: components Test yourself on: components Parts.pdf
interactive_learn_and_test_iconsmbl Circuit symbols Learn about: circuit symbols Test yourself on: circuit symbols Symbols.pdf
interactive_learn_and_test_res_colour Resistor colour bands Learn about: resistor colour bands Test yourself on: resistor colour bands Resistors.pdf
interactive_learn_and_test_capvalue Capacitor values (ceramic disc) Learn about: Capacitor values Test yourself on: Capacitor values Capvalue.pdf
interactive_learn_and_test_iconpres Resistor / caps in parallel & series Learn about: parallel & series Test yourself on: parallel & series RC_nets.pdf
V = I x R V = I R Ohms law Learn about: Ohms law Test yourself on: Ohms law Ohmslaw.pdf
interactive_learn_and_test_iltzgate Logic gates Learn about: Logic gates Test yourself on: Logic gates Logic.pdf
interactive_learn_and_test_rc_time RC time constants Learn about: RC time constants Test yourself on: RC time constants Capacitors.pdf



 The electronics challenge


How high a score can you get when answering questions on the top four topics against the clock? Take the electronics challenge.


Any resources downloaded from this page are for use in schools or personal use and not for commercial gain. You may link to this resource, but you must link this page not the individual presentations / tests.

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