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How To Make A Garden Lamp That Switches On Automatically At Night

As shown below, by simply adding a battery holder and light bulb to a PCB built in the ‘dark activated’ configuration you can create a garden light that automatically comes on in the dark.


Parts List:


Download a pdf version of this page here pdf_icon.gif

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A Garden Lamp That Switches On Automatically At Night”

  • Hi
    I'm a complete beginner! To make the garden lamp I assume I'll also need to buy a soldering iron and solder. Am I correct and is that all I will need if i buy the items listed for the automatic garden lamp kit?

    • Hi Vicky,

      You are correct, this kit is a self assembly kit which requires soldering.
      The only other thing you might want is some wire if you need to put the bulb a distance away from the PCB. Full instructions for assembling the kit are provided, and the battery holder and bulb are connected as in the diagram above.

      I recommend:


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