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Gallery Vibrating Motor Bug Project - Formarke Hall School

This Vibrating Motor Bug was designed by Mr Canavan at the Formarke Hall School. The body is machined out of Perspex and a small vibrating motor, power from a coin cell batery makes the bug move.





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2 thoughts on “Gallery Vibrating Motor Bug Project - Formarke Hall School”

  • Hi
    I really like the look of theses jumping bugs . What components are needed to make it ? Many thanks

    • Hi Nichola, there are a couple of routes you could take.
      1 - We do a bug in kit form -
      2 - We have a Fizzbit module, that can be USB charged and allow you to build a vibrating robot that will jitter across a suitable surface -
      3 - Or you could just get a vibrating motor and coincell battery plus holder;
      a -
      b -
      c -

      I hope this helps.

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