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Gallery Mono Amplifier - Barry Comprehensive School

These mp3 mono amplifiers were made by year 10 Product Design students at Barry Comprehensive School.  These have all been made with used packaging at their heart.

mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_01 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_02 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_03 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_04 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_05 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_06 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_07 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_08 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_09 mono_amplifier_barry_copmprehensive_school_10

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2 thoughts on “Gallery Mono Amplifier - Barry Comprehensive School”

  • Thanks for sharing, they look great, would be good to see more info about it e.g. what was the brief? what amps did they used? how did the sound differ depending on packaging?

    • Hy Carlos, we posted all of the information we had. The school may have more information but as this gallery article was posted in 2014 I would guess that they more than likely don't. Sorry I couldn't be more help this time.

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