• Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Vintage Radio

    Our lovely friend Dan Thwaites has been converting some old 1950's German radios into amplifiers using our deluxe stereo amp kits.
  • Perspex Stag - The Judd School

    Do you want to show your Design and Technology conquests in Perspex on your wall? One of Mr T. Kemp's GCSE students from the Judd School in Kent has come up with a very effective way of showing the many ways Perspex is used in Schools in the form of a 3D stag trophy head.
  • Automatic Night Lights - Moseley School

    Gary Haddon from the Moseley School in Birmingham sent us these examples of Year 8 students' timed night light made from our Light Activated Switch Kits. The night light is made from a vacuum formed base with a laser-cut polypropylene shade. Each pupil designs their own shade using CAD so that each night light is unique. He also sent us the photos of the giant model he made, which the teachers use a teaching aid, we think it's a great idea!
  • High Power Amplifier Kit - Dan Thwaites

    Dan Thwaites sent us these pictures of our High Power Amp kit inside a 1952 German valve radio that was no longer working. He took out the original components and installed the Amp kit. The volume control knob still works as he fitted the potentiometer to it and wired it back to the PCB. The dial faceplate was also originally backlit by two bulbs, so he replaced these with two white LEDs wired in parallel off the board. He also had to extend the power and headphone sockets to fit around the original chassis.
  • Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit - Fivemiletown College

    Jonathan Moore from Fivemiletown College sent us these great examples of our Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit which his GCSE students have made. We think you'll agree they're great!
  • Clock Mechanisms - Dressed to a Tee

    These clocks made with our simple to assemble clock mechanisms have been sent in by Trish at Dressed to a Tee in Scotland. We love the theme!
  • Lamps - The Radcliffe School

    Kathleen Dodd from The Radcliffe School sent us some excellent and ingenious photos of her Year 9 student projects using our 5V LED Desk Lamp and USB Colour Changing USB Lamp Kits.
  • Oak High Power Stereo Amplifier Kit - James Stapling

    James Stapling sent us these images of his oak high powered amplifier case. The cable tidies away into the box when not in use and it has a nice little oak volume control.
  • 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit - Richmond Upon Thames College

    Damian Smeaton, a Product Design Lecturer from Richmond Upon Thames College has sent us some lovely photos of his class projects using our 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit.
  • MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit - Milton Abbey School

    James Ratcliffe, Director of Design & Technology at Milton Abbey School sent us these great examples of Year 10 work based around our MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit.
  • FM Radio Kit - Wisbech Grammar School

    Year 9 D&T students from Wisbech Grammar School sent us these great examples of radios based on our FM Radio Kit. Fantastic work class, you should be proud!
  • Arctic Monkeys Dock - Selston High School

    A student from Selston High School made this exquisite Arctic Monkeys Dock using a whole range of materials and manufacturing techniques.
  • Gallery: USB Memory Stick - Autodesk Fusion 360

    Our friends over at Autodesk sent us these USB memory stick renders produced using their Fusion 360 software. We think they look great!
  • Retro Arcade Machine - Highgate School

    Students at Highgate School made this retro arcade machine, powered by a Raspberry Pi, and using our deluxe stereo amplifier kit, arcade joystick, arcade buttons and clear Perspex.
  • Guest Post: Dixons Trinity Academy Product Design Build Concrete Speakers

    This week we have a guest post brought to you by Phil Wickham of Dixons Trinity Academy, whose class have made some concrete speakers using our PIC Controlled Mono Amp Kit.

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