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  • Annabelle Greaves E-Textiles Handcrafted Bags

    Customer Annabelle Greaves of Hello Violaceous specialises in handcrafted purses & accessories, which also feature our E-Textile products. Find out more...
  • Perspex Christmas Baubles By Ben Wild

    If you are a Maker, what better way to decorate your Christmas Tree than with individually lit Baubles that you've made yourself? Ben Wild did just that and shared the details with us. We think you'll agree that they are much better than a shop bought bauble.
  • Vibrobots - Milton Abbey School

    These vibrobots were sent in by James Ratcliffe of Milton Abbey School following a recent year 8 taster activity. Rather than provide students with our complete vibrobug kit or fizzbit module, they got a coin cell power board kit and a vibrating motor, and got to work on their own designs.
  • MI:power Case for the BBC micro:bit - Russell Cresser

    Our MI:power Case for the BBC micro:bit has proved very popular. Russell Cresser sent us these pictures of his which he has customised by dyeing the nylon nuts and bolts yellow to match his microbit, and 3D printing yellow stand offs.
  • Desk Lamp Designs From GSNB Lýsuhólsskóli In Iceland

    These highly innovative desk lamp designs were sent in by Haukur Þórðarson of GSNB Lýsuhólsskóli In Iceland. The lamps were created last year by students who's ages range from 9 to 14.
  • USB Lamps from Cardinal Allen Catholic High School

    These USB Lamps were sent in by Helen Herd, lead of Design and Technology at the Cardinal Allan Catholic High School done by Year 10 students
  • Haywood Academy Amplifier And Lamp Cases

    Steve Fergusson, the Head of DT at Haywood Academy in Burslem Stoke on Trent, sent us some excellent examples of innovative student designs for Amplifier and Lamp cases. The cases were designed and made by GCSE and A Level Product Design students and display a high level of creativity in all of the Students involved.
  • High Power Stereo Amplifier in a Jerry Can

    Jerry Rolfe sent us this image of an old army water can, which he has retro fitted with our High Power Stereo Amplifier. The amp is fitted to the back with the power lead feeding in through the bottom of the can and the 3.5mm jack lead leaving the top of the can. According to Jerry It sounds awesome!
  • Stereo Amplifier Designs From The James Hornsby School

    Steve Tucker the Faculty leader for Design and Technology at The James Hornsby School in Basildon in Essex sent us these fantastic images of student stereo amplifier designs.
  • The Vinyl Countdown - Science Gallery Dublin

    Aidan Fitzmaurice of the Science Gallery Dublin sent us this punny re-purpose of an old vinyl LP...The Vinyl Countdown.
  • High Power Amplifiers - Merchant Taylors' School

    We visited Merchant Taylors' School and we saw some amplifiers designed by some of the students using our High Power Amplifier Kits. We were very impressed with the range of upcycled materials that were used to design the case of the amplifiers.
  • Xylophone Project Kits - Highgate School

    Andy Thomson of Highgate School sent us these xylophone project kits done by year 5 pupils.
  • Mono Amplifier Kit - Balcarass School

    Jeff Draisey, head of D&T at the Balcarass School in Cheltenham, sent us these Year 8 70's themed Mono Amplifier Projects. We think you'll agree the students not only did a great job with the research, but produced some excellent looking results too!
  • Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Vintage Radio

    Our lovely friend Dan Thwaites has been converting some old 1950's German radios into amplifiers using our deluxe stereo amp kits.
  • Perspex Stag - The Judd School

    Do you want to show your Design and Technology conquests in Perspex on your wall? One of Mr T. Kemp's GCSE students from the Judd School in Kent has come up with a very effective way of showing the many ways Perspex is used in Schools in the form of a 3D stag trophy head.

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