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  • Interactive microbit Handbag By Georgia McKenna

    This incredibly stylish interactive microbit handbag was designed and made by Georgia McKenna. Georgia, a former Fashion Design student at NTU, combined several making disciplines to bring her design to life. She also kindly sent us some photographs for us to share with you.
  • The Carlton Academy Year 11 Amplifier Designs

    These excellent examples of amplifier kit enclosers were sent in by Dale Mears from The Carlton Academy in Nottingham. They were designed and made by year 11 students.
  • microbit Projects From Milford Haven School

    Meirion Owen of Milford Haven School sent in these great pictures of Student microbit projects. The AS Product Design Students have come up with some great practical examples of what can be done with a microbit and some ingenuity.
  • 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Case - Leon Fortt

    Leon Fortt of Langley Park School for Boys in Beckenham sent in these pictures of a stylish enclosure he made for one of our 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Kits. It's a great example of how you can take a kit and turn it into a useful item that would look great on a desk, shelf, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit - Fleming Fulton School

    Phil Maxwell of Fleming Fulton School in Belfast sent in these great photographs built around our 5V LED Desk Lamps. The excellent lamps were designed and made by Year 9 students. Each lamp is built around a wooden frame, with a 3D printed collar and finished with laser etched inserts.
  • 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit - Grace Academy Darlaston

    Amy North of Grace Academy Darlaston sent us these great completed projects from her year 9 pupils. They used our really bright 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit.
  • Flexible Wood Veneers

    Our veneered MDF sheets have been very popular, but we've been asked many times to sell veneer on it's own. We're happy to introduce two new flexible wood veneers, and we got Kevin to tell us about the in this video.
  • 0.5mm Polypropylene Sheets

    We've sold 0.8mm Polypropylene Sheets for some time now, and have often been asked about thinner sizes. We've now introduced a range which is just 0.5mm thick.
  • How to change the Robox RBX-01 Print Head

    Rhodri shows you how quick and easy it is to change the print head on the Robox RBX-01 3D Printer.
  • MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit - Milton Abbey School

    James Ratcliffe, Director of Design & Technology at Milton Abbey School sent us these great examples of Year 10 work based around our MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit.
  • An overview of the Robox RBX-01 3D Printer

    All you need to know about the Robox 3D Printer.
  • Oak High Power Stereo Amplifier Kit - James Stapling

    James Stapling sent us these images of his oak high powered amplifier case. The cable tidies away into the box when not in use and it has a nice little oak volume control.
  • Video: High Quality Flexible Birch Ply

    High Quality Flexible Birch Laserable Plywood has a smoother surface than typical plywood, and can be flexed to create curved designs. 600mm x 400mm.
  • Video: Introducing Polypropylene

    Kevin Spurr introduces our range of Polypropylene sheet materials. Available in a range of bright colours or as transparent frost and clear sheets. Easy to work with, cut with scissors or even with a laser cutter.
  • Poplar Laser Plywood Video

    Find out why we rate Poplar Laser Plywood so highly with this video explanation.

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