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Can Colourful Effects be this Simple?

Can Colourful Effects be this Simple?

A colour changing LED offers an easy way to add stunning lighting effects to products. The LED automatically cycles through the colours of the rainbow and is incredibly easy to use. Unlike a normal LED it doesn’t require any additional resistors as these are already built into the LED. All you have to do is supply it with a voltage of between 2.7V and 5V.


Application: Lamp


It is easy to make a simple ‘mood’ light using a colour LED. The lamp shown left uses a thin piece of opaque plastic to diffuse the light from the LED. The lamp could be made by using a single LED and a 3xAA battery cage with switch (2119 on sample list, back page).

Application: Decoration


The decoration shown above is made by layering laser cut Perspex sheet. The centre piece uses clear Perspex which is illuminated from below by the colour changing LED. As the LED changes colour this can be seen in the edges of the plastic. It also gives a nice effect when the surface of the plastic is ‘etched / engraved’ with shapes by the laser as these are illuminated by the LED like the edges.

The simplest way of making a decoration like this is to connect a colour changing LED directly to our USB power lead (which supplies 5V). A circuit like this can be made for as little as £0.77 per student. Alternatively you can use our colour changing USB lamp project kit which includes the LED and USB lead but also gives the added benefit of an on/ off switch.

You can request a sample of this kit by clicking here

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