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Bitty BBC micro:bit Xmas Bauble App

Bitty Software have just released their fun Bitty Xmas Bauble App that turns your BBC micro:bit into a musical and visual decoration for your Xmas tree, or anywhere that needs a little more added Christmas.

All you need is your BBC micro:bit, a power source for the microbit, a sounder (such as a piezo buzzer) and the Bitty Xmas Bauble App and you can instantly add some Christmas cheer to anywhere that needs it.


Bitty Xmas Bauble App For The BBC microbit:

You can choose from 6 LED animations and 3 Xmas tunes for your microbit to perform. In order to hear audio, you will need a piezo speaker connected to pin 0 and GND. Bitty Software recommend, as do we, using a Kitronik MI:power board which neatly holds a battery and has a handy piezo sounder built in. Perfect!

You only need to connect your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth to the micro:bit when you want to set it going or to change what it's doing. The rest of the time you can just leave the micro:bit to do it's thing.

Micro:bit 5610_large_mipower_board_for_the_bbc_microbit

And for those days when you've had all of the Christmas cheer that you can handle, the buttons on your BBC micro:bit are set up as stop buttons for both the music and the animations.


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The Kitronik MI:power board is the perfect power and sounder solution for the Bitty Xmas Bauble, you can add one directly to cart using the button below:


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