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BBC micro:bit CAD Resources - Kitronik University

microbit kitronik_microbit_logo_870 This Kitronik University resource is part of the BBC micro:bit partnership and features FREE downloadable bbc micro:bit cad resources. These downloadable files are available in three different formats and have been made using Autodesk's Inventor Professional.

microbit bbc_micobit_gif_v2

The bbc micro:bit CAD resources:

The team here at Kitronik have created a CAD model of the BBC micro:bit. We will be using this model to produce many of the resources we will be creating for the BBC microbit. We're sure these models will be useful for lots of applications so we are making them available completely free of charge, as we feel this maintains the spirit of what the BBC are trying to achieve with the BBC microbit project. Students and teachers (and home users) alike are sure to find them a fantastic starting point for projects based around the BBB micro:bit. The files are available in the following formats (see bottom of page for download links):

  • .iam (Autodesk Inventor)
  • .stl (which can be used in most CAD programs and for 3D printers)
  • .sat

This render was created using Autodesk Inventor Professional and shows the kind of images the files could be used to create.

microbit bbc_microbit_render_on_table_870

Autodesk - FREE Educational Design Software

To use these files you will need some CAD software. Autodesk provide their professional software free of charge to Education and Home user which makes it an ideal choice. Autodesk gave the following reason for providing such easy access to it's products: 'Closing the skills gap starts in education. Autodesk are tackling this by providing schools with common access to the same advanced technology being used by industry professionals today. Autodesk provides schools, students and teachers with free access to its professional 3D design software. This will enable educators to introduce design thinking into our classrooms allowing students to imagine, design and create a better world. Using these tools to learn how to solve real-world challenges in new creative ways will be the perfect preparation for our the next-generation workforce. Equipping them with 21st century skills to meet industry demands and advance economies worldwide.' You can get a number of Autodesk software products for free, for both educational institutions and home use, check here for more information.

microbit bbc_microbit_render_stack_870

microbit bbc_microbit_render_front_back_870

The above images are renders of the CAD files using Autodesk 3DS Max and Autodesk 360

How Kitronik Are Using The BBC microbit Design

We're using this design to create a few resources which we thought you'd find useful. One example is this cool poster highlighting the features of the BBC microbit (A4 download available below):

microbit bbc_microbit_poster_870

Another is this useful mechanical datasheet (download available below):

microbit bbc_microbit_mechanical_datasheet_V2

Using The Files When Creating 3D Printed Case Designs

Having the BBC micro:bit as a CAD object is incredibly useful when creating 3D printable (or laser cut-able) case designs. It means you can create your design with the knowledge that when you come to manufacturer the final design the BBC microbit should fit perfectly! An example use of this would be when designing a case, like this one designed by Chris Elsworthy from CEL Robox to create this great 3D printed case design.

microbit bbc_microbit_3d_printed_case_870

Having the renders available makes this job much easier, and ensures an accurate result. We will also be using the files in our own models and case designs.


You can see our full BBC micro:bit - Kitronik University Course here.

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13 thoughts on “BBC micro:bit CAD Resources - Kitronik University”

  • Tim Brotherhood July 23, 2015 at 10:57 am

    Great resources and I can't wait to get my hands on a micro.bit. I downloaded the CAD files but the inventor models won't open. I'm running the Student Edition of Inventor Professional 2015 with all updates in Autodesk Application Manager installed but when I try to open the assembly I get three errors like the one below.
    "Database scheme for file is (20.0 (build 200096000, 96)), which is newer than this version (19.0 SP1 (build 190203100, 2013)) of the software".
    Do I need to upgrade my version of Inventor? if so, do you know where I go to do so?

    • Hi Tim,
      These files were created in the 2016 version of Inventor by our in-house Graphic Designer. Therefore your 2015 version will not work with these files. You can get Inventor 2016 directly from Autodesk and it is free for students and educators with a 3-year licence here: with a valid email address.
      Hope this helps,
      Many thanks,

      • We're lucky enough to be getting these micro:bits let alone have inventor 2016 on our schools computers! You should cater for all schools and get these files available on inventor 13, 14 and 15!

  • Tim Brotherhood July 23, 2015 at 11:42 am

    I tried opening the SAT and STL files into other CAD software with with the following results:

    Solid Edge - SAT OK - STL No
    Creo 3.0 - SAT No - STL No

    Would it be possible to get the assemblies in either IGES or STEP format?

  • […] at Kitronik to expand CAD capabilities within schools. The expansion is helping to make the BBC micro:bit, a programmable device geared towards teaching kids the wonders of engineering and technology, […]

  • I have downloaded the inventor files when i open the assembly model it is missing 3 .png files is there something I'm missing or are they not included in the .zip file? A
    re they available elsewhere ?

  • Owen Brotherwood January 3, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Haas Kitroniks releasable elements to allow for easy pcb creation in some popular pcb program?

    Currently, I am evaluating easyeda but can switch to "anything" if needed.

  • Owen Brotherwood January 3, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Is there another version of the mechanical datasheet?
    The present one does not contain the battery connector to external batteries

  • Hi,
    Thanks for this ressource. Have you got the CAD models for the servo board and the motor board?

    Many thanks

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