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Automatic Night Lights - Moseley School

Gary Haddon from the Moseley School in Birmingham sent us these examples of Year 8 students' automatic night lights made from our Light Activated Switch Kits.

The night light is made from a vacuum formed base with a laser-cut polypropylene shade. Each pupil designs their own shade using CAD so that each night light is unique.

He also sent us the photos of the giant model he made, which the teachers use a teaching aid, we think it's a great idea!

automatic_night_light_moseley_school_01_560 automatic_night_light_moseley_school_02_560 automatic_night_light_moseley_school_03_560 automatic_night_light_moseley_school_04_560 automatic_night_light_moseley_school_05_560 automatic_night_light_moseley_school_06_560 automatic_night_light_moseley_school_07_560

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