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Annabelle Greaves E-Textiles Handcrafted Bags

Annabelle Greaves of Hello Violaceous specialises in handcrafted bags, purses and accessories. Some of her stunning designs feature E-Textile electronics and show just how effective E-Textiles can be.


After gaining a distinction in BTEC Fashion Design and Clothing Manufacture, Annabelle went on to gain a Degree in Fashion Design, and from there to start her own company.


E-Textiles Handcrafted Bags By Annabelle Greaves:

E-Textiles Handcrafted Bags

She also incorporates electronics into some of her designs which work exceptionally well. The designs with flashing lights make use of the 2719 Electro-Fashion, Flasher Controller, LEDs & Thread kits with some extra LED's, such as; White LED boards and White 3mm Water Clear LEDs. The Flasher controller comes pre-programmed with different LED flashing patterns, the patterns can be selected by pressing a button on the board.


The gallery bellow shows further examples of Annabelle's work:

2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-8-200 2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-7-200 2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-6-200 2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-5-200
2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-9-200 2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-3-200 2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-10-200 2719-electro-fashion-flasher-controller-leds-hello-violaceous-1-200


Stay In The Loop:

You can see more of Annabelle's work via the links below:

Materials, Perspex. Plywood, Polypropylene
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