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5V Mini LED Lamp Module Laser Cut USB Desk Lamp

Banish those winter blues with a Desk Lamp fashioned from our 5V Mini LED Lamp Module. The image below shows one of the two lamp designs that were developed by Matt Moeser to accompany this product. Additionally, one design needed to be laser-cut and the other 3D printed. The second resource for the 5V Mini LED Lamp Module can be found here.

5V Mini LED Lamp Module hero

We have included our design as a free download. You can either use them as is or as inspiration for your own designs. Without delay, let's look at the first of those designs, the laser-cut desk lamp.


Parts List:

This is a simple design that requires very few parts, you may already have some of them lying around your workspace. See below for a comprehensive list of parts and tools.

5V Mini LED Lamp Module parts

You will also need:



5V Mini LED Lamp Module Laser Cut Desk Lamp:

5V Mini LED Lamp Module laser cutter

Step1: Firstly, download the DXF file and load it into your laser cutter software. Then cut the parts from a 3mm perspex sheet.



5V Mini LED Lamp Module base assembly

Step 2: Then assemble the base panels using small amounts of hot glue. Remove the nut and washer from the switch then insert it into the hole in the base. Now, use the nut to secure it firmly in place. Next, push the bare ends of the USB power lead through the hole in the back panel.

Additionally, the rest of the build should slot together without glue, though you may want to use a little for sturdiness.



5V Mini LED Lamp Module head assembly

Step 3: Firstly, assemble the lamp head without the top two panels. Then solder the red and black wires to the marked holes on the 5V Mini LED Lamp Module. Next, thread these through the gap in the triangular Perspex piece.

Use an M3 screw and nut to secure the LED module to the triangular piece. You can now attach the last two panels.



5V Mini LED Lamp Module unit assembly

Step 4: The lower half of the stem should fit snugly into the slot in the base. Then screw the upper stem and head on finger-tight so that the lamp can still be moved around. We used two hex nuts on each joint to stop them coming loose.



5V Mini LED Lamp Module finishing touches

Step 5: Twist the two wires from the lamp together, then wrap them around the stem and into the hole in the base.

Lastly, solder the two positive (red) wires to the two terminals of the switch, then solder the negative (black) wires to each other. The lamp should now work from a USB port!

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