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0.5mm Polypropylene Sheets

We've sold 0.8mm Polypropylene Sheets for some time now, and have often been asked about thinner sizes. We've now introduced a range which is just of 0.5mm Polypropylene Sheets.

We got Kevin to tell us all about them in the video below, or see lower down for a text version.


Now, we've been selling polypropylene for quite a while, and we've always sold 0.8mm polypropylene. Now we have thinner sheets like this in 0.5mm varieties.

The fact it's thinner means the sheets are much more flexible, so we can see this sheet here is very easy to fold.

And another added advantage is that because it is thinner it is easier to cut, either with a knife, or with scissors, or with a laser cutter.

The sheets are available in a variety of colours. We have a red, blue, black, yellow, green, white, and a frosted translucent version. If we look at these sheets, most of them will have a fine sand and a coarse sand finish on the faces, although some do have one smooth face so it's worth checking the descriptions online to be sure.

So, when we send these sheets to you they are quite large so they will either be sent wrapped up like this in a tube, or, if you order a lot of sheets they'll be flat packed and wrapped.

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  • We are interested in 0.25mm Polypropylene Sheets, is this something you can help us with ?

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