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Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit

Break out all 21 pins of the BBC micro:bit and easily connect additional components using this Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit from Kitronik.

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Please Note: BBC micro:bit, 2 x AAA Battery Cage and 2 x AAA Batteries are NOT included. If you also require a BBC micro:bit, you can order one here.

This Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit is a great way to start making circuits and making experiments without the need to solder.

This prototyping system uses our specially designed Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit that gives full access to the pins on the bottom of the BBC micro:bit. The BBC micro:bit pins are broken out to a row of pin headers, the SCL and SDA pins are separated at the edge of the board providing easy identification. The PCB includes a prototyping area with 3V, 0V and unconnected rows that can be soldered to. This allows easy connection of switches, sensors and any pull-up or pull-down resistors etc. as required.

This prototyping system is used in conjunction with a Small Prototype Breadboard. This makes it easy to connect additional components using the included jumper wires. No soldering required.

Please Note: BBC micro:bit is NOT included.


This kit requires assembly.







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Posted by Brendon Pettit, Tuesday, 14 February 2017 on product Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit
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    Hi Brendon, Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to use the MI:power with the prototyping system as the MI:power screws directly to the pins on the edge of the micro:bit and as such would prevent it from being inserted into the edge connector.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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