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HIPS Natural Colour, High Quality 3D Printer Filament - Robox Smartreel

HIPS Natural Colour, High Quality filament for 3D printers, with 1.75mm Diameter. HIPS is a flexible, impact resistant polystyrene.

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HIPS Natural Colour, High Quality 3D Printer Filament for 3D printers is a unique high quality material that is as strong and stiff as ABS, but is much easier to print as it is less likely to shrink or warp.

HIPS is a natural colour (off-white), dissolvable filament that is frequently used as support material for 3D prints because it can be used as a great support material and is easily removable when using Limonene as a solvent.

The material is unique as you can sand, glue, prime or paint your prints. This extends the possibility of what you can produce on your 3D printer beautiful, functional, bespoke prints decorated any way you want.

HIPS is ideal for printing in conjunction with ABS because the mechanical properties of the two materials are very similar as they are printed at similar temperatures. The primary difference between HIPS and ABS is that you can use HIPS as a support material for ABS 3D prints. You can use Limonene as a solvent to remove the HIPS. The removal of the HIPS support material leaves a nice, clean finish.

Robox materials are supplied on a SmartReel which holds data about temperature settings, print speed, diameter and even the amount of filament which has been used on that reel.

As a user this makes printing very easy, you load the filament and AutoMaker will automatically change to the settings saved on the reel.

Robox is able to use filament from any brand (you are not locked into the SmartReel system). Obviously better quality filaments will give more consistent results.

We also stock a wide range of colours and filaments including ABS and PLA. So what are the benefits of HIPS filament?


  • Sand, glue, prime and paint your prints.
  • As strong and stiff as ABS.
  • Less warping of print, so possibly more detail and better visual quality to prints.
  • Great support material when used with ABS filament.


  • 1 x 240m x 800g SmartReel of HIPS Natural Colour, High Quality 3D Printer Filament - Robox Smartreel.


  • Length: 240m.
  • Width: 1.75mm.
  • Weight: 800g.



Robox Stock Code:

  • RBX-HIP-NT001.
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