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Kitronik Micro USB to 5V breakout

This pre-built USB to 5V breakout board offers a great way of powering projects that require a 5V supply, kits such as our mono amp kit.

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This compact Micro USB Breakout Board offers an easy way of connecting circuits to the 5V power lines that a USB connection supplies. The output (5V and Gnd) connections are two large solder-able pads on the PCB.

This board is ideal for replacing batteries in a variety of circuits such as our Mono Amp kit. It is compatible with Micro USB chargers supplied with most mobile phones and tablets.


  • Power your electronics projects via USB.
  • Compatible with projects such as the Kitronik Mono Amp kit.


  • 1 x USB to 5V Breakout Board.


  • PCB Length: 22mm.
  • PCB width: 16mm.



  • Some soldering required to connect the breakout board to your project.
  • PC USB ports normally supply 100mA up to an absolute max of 500mA. If you plug anything in that requires a higher current, damage to the USB port is possible.
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