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Kitronik Temperature Sensor Breakout Board

Measure temperature to an accuracy of up to 1C and temperature resolution of 0.0625C with this board. 8 boards can be addressed on the same I2C bus.

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This board uses the NCT75-D temperature sensor which has a temperature accuracy of up to 1C and temperature resolution of 0.0625C.

The device also features an over-temperature alert pin which is highly configurable. The temperature is read via an I2C bus. Since the device has 3 address pins it is possible to connect 8 devices on the same bus, a useful feature for comparing temperatures at several locations at once. The device can operate off either a 3V or 5V supply.


  • Accurate digital sensing.
  • Configurable over temperature alarm.
  • Up to eight devices can be used on the same bus.


  • 1 x Digital Temperature Sensing Breakout Board.

Possible applications include:

  • Indoor / outdoor temperature monitoring.
  • Equipment, temperature fault monitoring.


  • Length: 28mm.
  • Width: 28mm.
  • Height: 3mm.


  • Vcc: Supply Voltage
  • A0: Address Pin 1
  • A1: Address Pin 2
  • A2: Address Pin 3
  • SDA: I2C Data
  • SCL: I2C Clock
  • OS/ALRT: Configurable over-temperature alarm
  • GND: Ground


This product is supplied in a bag.

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