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4695_large adjustable step up regulator

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Adjustable Step-up Voltage Regulator, input 0.5V-5.5V

Power your electronics projects with this adjustable step-up voltage regulator which generates voltages between 2V and 5.25V from input voltages as low as 0.5V.

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This adjustable boost (step-up) voltage regulator generates higher output voltages (between 2V and 5.25V) from input voltages as low as 0.5V, and it also automatically switches to a linear down-regulation mode when the input voltage exceeds the output. This makes it great for powering electronics projects from 1 to 3 NiMH, NiCd, or alkaline cells or from a single lithium-ion cell.

Additionally, unlike most boost regulators, this unit offers a true shutdown option that turns off power to the load (with typical boost regulators, the input voltage will pass directly through to the output when they are disabled).

When boosting, this module acts as a switching regulator (also called switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) or DC-to-DC converters) and has a typical efficiency between 70% to 90%. The available output current is a function of the input voltage, output voltage, and efficiency, but the input current can typically be as high as 1.2A.

The regulators thermal shutdown engages at around 140°C and helps prevent damage from overheating. It does not have reverse-voltage protection.


  • Input voltage: 0.5V to 5.5V.
  • Adjustable output voltage from 2V to 5.25V.
  • True shutdown option that turns off power to the load.
  • Automatic linear down-regulation when the input voltage is greater than the output voltage.
  • 1.2A switch allows for input currents up to 1.2A.
  • Good efficiency at light load: <1mA typical no-load quiescent current, though it can exceed 1mA for very low input voltages (<100µA typical quiescent current with SHDN = LOW).
  • Integrated over-temperature shutoff.
  • Small size: 11.5 15.3 2.5 mm.


  • 1 x Adjustable Step-up Voltage Regulator.
  • 1 x 4 pin headers of 2.54mm pitch

In Use:

  • The boost regulator has four connections: shutdown (SHDN), input voltage (VIN), ground (GND), and output voltage (VOUT).
  • The SHDN can be driven low (typically under 0.4 V) to power down the regulator and turn off power to the load (unlike most boost regulators, the input power does not pass through to the output when the board is disabled). This pin is internally pulled up to VIN through an 100 k? resistor, so it can be left disconnected or connected directly to VIN if you do not need to use the disable feature. The disable threshold is a function of the input voltage as follows:
    • For VIN <0.8V, SHDN voltage must be below 0.1xVIN to disable the regulator and above 0.9xVIN to enable it.
    • For 0.8V ≤ VIN ≤ 1.5V, SHDN voltage must be below 0.2VIN to disable the regulator and above 0.8VIN to enable it.
    • For VIN >1.5V, SHDN voltage must be below 0.4V to disable the regulator and above 1.2V to enable it.
  • The input voltage, VIN, must be at least 0.5V for the regulator to turn on. However, once the regulator is on, the input voltage can drop as low as 0.3V and the set output voltage will be maintained on VOUT. Unlike standard boost regulators, this regulator has an additional linear down-regulation mode that allows it to convert input voltages as high as 5.5V down to lower output voltages for small to moderate sized loads (for example, in our tests, this regulator was able to supply 300mA while converting an input of 5.5V down to 1.8V). When the input voltage exceeds the output voltage, the regulator automatically switches to this down-regulation mode. The input voltage should not exceed 5.5V. Please be wary of destructive LC spikes that might cause the input voltage to surpass 5.5V.
  • The four connections are labeled on the back side of the PCB, and they are arranged with a 2.54mm spacing along the edge of the board for compatibility with solderless breadboards, connectors, and other prototyping arrangements that use a 2.54mm grid. You can solder wires directly to the board or solder in either the 41 straight male header strip or the 41 right-angle male header strip that is included.


  • PCB Length: 11.5mm.
  • PCB Width: 15.3mm.
  • PCB Height: 2.5mm.



Pololu Stock Code:

  • 2560
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