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Load Sensor - 50kg

This Load Sensor is like the ones found in digital bathroom scales and can measure up to 50Kg.

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This load sensor is the same one found in digital bathroom scales (you know, the ones you use in January for your New Year's resolutions, and then forget about a month later).

This sensor can measure up to 50Kg. Check the video below for a simple explanation on how these work and how to use them.


Ask Kitronik Force Sensors
Video Force Sensors
A video about Force Sensors taken from our Ask Kitronik Live event 2012.


Posted by James Anderson, Thursday, 27 November 2014 on product Load Sensor - 50kg


Hi - do you have any examples of using this with an arduino.


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Thursday, 27 November 2014

    We don't currently but i'm sure if you email me at with details of how you'd like to use the sensor I can set you on the right track.

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