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46147_large monk makes servo starter kit microbit

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Servo kit for micro:bit

The Monk Makes Servo kit for microbit provides you with a servo board, three servos, battery cage and alligator clips. Just add microbit and batteries.

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The Servo Kit for micro:bit makes it easy to connect up three servomotors from your micro:bit. The kit is supplied with the servo board, three servos, a battery cage, and alligator/crocodile leads.

The MonkMakes Servo for microbit board provides a really easy way to attach up to three servomotors to a BBC micro:bit. The board requires a power supply or battery pack to provide 5 or 6V to the servomotors. It includes a voltage regulator that will supply 3V back to the micro:bit, so that you dont have to power it separately.

The board has been designed to allow for alligator/crocodile connections to the microbit. This means that there is no need for mechanical assembly or soldering.

You can write code for the attached microbit using either the MakeCode editor (as shown above) or MicroPython.


  • Allows you to control the 3 servos provided with the microbit.
  • When powered the board will supply power to the servos and microbit.
  • Connect it to the microbit with alligator/crocodile clips.
  • Use the MakeCode blocks/javascript or MicroPython editors.


  • 1 x Monk Makes servo board for the microbit.
  • 3 x 9g servomotors and arm kits.
  • 1 x 4xAA battery box.


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