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46138_large 7 segment display microbit monk makes

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7-Segment for micro:bit

The MonkMakes four digit 7-segment display for micro:bit can be used to display sensor readings. As well as displaying numbers, you can also display text.

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The 7-segment for micro:bit is a four digit 7-segment display for micro:bit. You can use it to display numbers, but it can also display letters and other characters, albeit with the limits imposed by the 7 segments of each digit.

The serial redirect to block allows the micro:bit to send (TX) serial messages on pin 0. It sets the RX pin to pin 16, but this is not used. When using the 7-segment display, the micro:bit only transmits messages, it does not receive them.

To power the 7 segment display simply connect 3V and GND on the micro:bit to 3V and GND to the 7 segment display board using crocodile clips.

Connect the power pins GND and 3V between the micro:bit and the 7-Segment for micro:bit. Connect the Rx (receive) pin of the 7-Segment for micro:bit to any of the micro:bits pins.


  • Easy to connect (just needs one micro:bit pin plus power).
  • Powered directly from micro:bit pins.
  • Send messages to the display using the micro:bits Serial blocks.
  • Useful for displaying readings from sensors, making clocks etc.


  • 1 x 7 Segment display for micro:bit.


  • Length: 57mm.
  • Width: 51mm.
  • Height: 9.7mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm.



  • Getting started guide.
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