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Smart Materials Range - Polymorph, 8 Colour Pigment Pack

Add a dash of colour to your Polymorph creations with this 8 colour pigment pack. Use the individual base colours as is or mix to form new colours and shades.

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Make your Polymorph creations pop with these 8 colour Pigment packs. Each pack contains 8 x 50g sachets of; Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Green, Blue, and Purple pigments. The pigments can also be mixed to create new colours and shades to taste.

Once you have followed the instructions to colour the Polymorph, the part can be reheated and reshaped without any loss of colour. The desired ratio when mixing is 20:1, twenty parts Polymorph to 1 part pigment.


  • Melt the desired amount of Polymorph.
  • Mould the Polymorph into a disk shape.
  • Apply a pinch of pigment to the centre of the disc (1g of pigment per 20g of polymorph).
  • Fold the polymer keeping the colour locked in the polymorph.
  • Continue to fold and squash until the Polymorph is fully coloured.
  • You may need to re-heat the polymorph throughout the process.


  • Compatible with Polymorph products, both the 100g packs and the 500g packs.
  • 1g of pigment per 20g of polymorph.
  • 8 x 50g per colour pouches.
  • Can be mixed to create different shades.
  • Reheat and reuse the Polymorph part without colour loss.


  • 1 x Smart Materials Range - Polymorph, 8 Colour Pigment Pack.




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