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43193_large queen isabella green royal perspex sheet 3mmx x 600mm x 400mm

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Queen Isabella Green Perspex Royals Sheet (Metallic) 3mm x 600mm x 400mm

Add a luxurious finish to your project with Queen Isabella Green Perspex Royals Sheets, 3mm x 600mm x 400mm. Changing viewing angle creates a chromic effect.

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Be inspired by these Queen Isabella Green perspex Royals Sheets (Metallic), measuring 3mm x 600mm x 400mm. They have a luxury silk texture and metallic shimmer, with a chromatic effect, producing a colour shift across the surface as the viewing angle changes. They were specifically developed with the retail industry in mind to add luxury to product displays looking for that extra special touch.

It has a single sided surface effect on the showface. The beauty of the Perspex Royals effect is due to the nature of the pigments used reflecting light in a number of directions. Some variation in natural or perceived colour will occur. This natural variation will also provide a directional effect. Adjoining samples should therefore be cut in the same plane.


  • Luxury silk texture and metallic shimmer.
  • A unique colour shift capability.
  • Strong, durable and hard wearing.
  • Easy to shape and style.
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Specifically developed with the retail industry in mind to add luxury to product displays.
  • 100% recyclable.


  • Retail point of sale.
  • Shop fitting.
  • Interior design.
  • Furniture.
  • Architectural features.

Working with Perspex acrylic sheets:

Perspex is a versatile material that can be cut, drilled, laser cut and thermoformed. Note when laser cutting place the rear side of the Perspex to the top, so the laser is not bouncing off the reflective surface.

Perspex is a thermoplastic which means that when it is heated above 140-180C it becomes flexible. This allows the material to be formed into the requiBlue shape or bent. Once the material cools below 85C it becomes rigid again.

Perspex sheets are often shaped using a CNC router or laser cutter. The edge of laser cut Perspex has a pleasing polished look. If you look carefully at the edge of a piece of laser cut Perspex you can often see slight vertical lines that are caused by the pulses a laser uses when cutting.

If you want to get a perfectly smooth finish on the edge of piece of machined Perspex a polishing technique can be used. Typical polishing techniques include diamond polishing and flame polishing.

It also possible to etch the surface of a Perspex sheet using a laser cutter. This can produce some very pleasing visual effects. The Perspex sheets have a protective film on both faces. If you are etching the material then this should be removed from the surface that is to be etched. If you are just laser cutting then this film can be left in place (if you wish) as it does not create any harmful gases when it is laser cut (unlike PVC).

More detailed information and resources on working with Perspex can be found in our resource section.


  • 1 x Queen Isabella Green Perspex Royals Sheets (Metallic), measuring 3mm x 600mm x 400mm.

Perspex colour reference code:

  • SK 6PY0.


  • Length: 600mm.
  • Width: 400mm.
  • Thickness: 3mm (nominal).


The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of cast Perspex acrylic sheets are the stated thickness +/-10% plus +/- 0.4mm. This means a 3mm Perspex sheet could be between 2.3mm and 3.7mm in thickness.


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