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Red Perspex Sheet (Frosted) 3mm x 1000mm x 600mm

Chilli Red Frosted Perspex 3mm thickness. Sheet size 1000mm x 600mm. The matt finish gives an effect similar to sand blasted glass. Perspex colour ref S2 4T50.

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This frosted 3mm Chilli Red Perspex Acrylic Sheet measures 1000mm x 600mm. The surface of the sheet has a double-sided matt surface which gives an effect similar to that of sandblasted or etched glass. The frosted texture is retained after thermoforming. Frosted Perspex is translucent, allowing light to pass through, but unlike transparent Perspex it obscures details of objects behind it.


  • Matt sandblasted effect surface.
  • High light transmission.
  • Easily laser cut, drilled and thermoformed.


Frosted Perspex acrylic sheets have many applications such as point of sale, signage, models and display cases, glazing, etc.

Working with Perspex acrylic sheets:

Perspex is a versatile material that can be cut, drilled, laser cut and thermoformed.

Perspex is a thermoplastic which means that when it is heated above 140-180C it becomes flexible. This allows the material to be formed into the required shape or bent. Once the material cools below 85C it becomes rigid again.

Perspex sheets are often shaped using a CNC router or laser cutter. The edge of laser cut Perspex has a pleasing polished look. If you look carefully at the edge of a piece of laser cut Perspex you can often see slight vertical lines that are caused by the pulses a laser uses when cutting.

If you want to get a perfectly smooth finish on the edge of piece of machined Perspex a polishing technique can be used. Typical polishing techniques include diamond polishing and flame polishing.

It also possible to etch the surface of a Perspex sheet using a laser cutter. This can produce some very pleasing visual effects. The Perspex sheets have a protective film on both faces. If you are etching the material then this should be removed from the surface that is to be etched. If you are just laser cutting then this film can be left in place (if you wish) as it does not create any harmful gases when it is laser cut (unlike PVC).

More detailed information and resources on working with Perspex can be found in our resource section.


  • 1 x Chilli Red Perspex Sheet (Frosted) 3mm x 1000mm x 600mm

Perspex colour reference code:

  • S2 4T50.


  • Length: 1000mm.
  • Width: 600mm.
  • Thickness: 3mm (nominal).


The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of cast Perspex acrylic sheets are the stated thickness +/-10% plus +/- 0.4mm. This means a 3mm Perspex sheet could be between 2.3mm and 3.7mm in thickness.



  • On all Plywood, MDF and Perspex Sheet Orders (excluding A4 size) there is a flat delivery charge of £6.50 per order in the U.K. (£18.00 for remote locations).
What to do with scrap Perspex?
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Posted by Gopal, Friday, 2 January 2015 on product Red Perspex Sheet (Frosted) 3mm x 1000mm x 600mm


Will this matt finish red sheet act as a safety filter for blue laser (445nm)? How is the proerty (for same application) differ with transparent sheet?


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Friday, 2 January 2015

    You should follow your laser manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation of the laser. Operating a laser incorrectly can lead to serious injury or blindness.

    I don't know the suitability of this material for the suggested application and I don't want to speculate as it could lead to a serious accident!

Posted by Pat Beasley, Friday, 6 June 2014 on product Red Perspex Sheet (Frosted) 3mm x 1000mm x 600mm


Hi. I am looking for red plastic around 2-3mm thick that I want to cut for inlays on a guitar fretboard. I have to be able to sand it flush with the fretbord after inlaying it and I will be coating it with lacquer. Will any of your products suit this application? Thanks


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Friday, 6 June 2014
    You could try 3mm frosted or standard red perspex. I couldn't comment on the suitability as I've never done that before. I have no idea if the lacquer would take to the plastic.

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