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4148_large edge connector header microbit right angled main

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Edge Connector / Header for BBC micro:bit

This edge Connector/Header for the BBC micro:bit gives access to all important pins on the bottom edge of the microbit allowing for custom prototyping systems.

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Looking to do more with your BBC micro:bit? Unlock its potential with this Edge Connector/Header for the BBC micro:bit! The edge connector/header offers an easy way to connect additional circuits and hardware to the pins on the edge of the BBC micro:bit. It provides access to all of the BBC micro:bit processor pins allowing a lot of extra functionality to be added.

This Edge Connector/Header is the same that can be found in both the Edge Connector Breakout Board for the BBC micro:bitand the Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit - Pre-built products.

It is the ideal solution for projects where there isn't the room or need for a full breakout board. It is also the perfect solution for anyone that wants to design there own breakout board or prototyping systems.


  • It is a compact edge connector solution for your projects.
  • Breaks out 21 pins from the edge of the BBC micro:bit.
  • Ideal for designing custom prototyping systems.
  • Ideal for designing custom breakout boards.


  • 1 x Edge Connector/Header for the BBC micro:bit.


  • Length: 58mm.
  • Width: 21mm.
  • Height: 8mm.



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