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Straight Single Row Turned Pin Sockets, 2.54mm, 36-way

36-way Single Row SIL Pin Sockets with 2.54mm spacing. Compatible with our single row pin headers.

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36-way SIL pin sockets, perfect for using with our Pin Headers.

The pin sockets accept both square and round pin headers, for wider compatibility. These pin sockets come in a 36-way row with 2.54mm spacing, however can easily be cut down to your required length.


  • Closed-pin design prevents solder wicking or flux ingress.
  • Can be easily cut down to required length.
  • Accepted square pin headers up to 0.65mm, as well as round pins between 0.65mm and 0.85mm in diameter.


  • Single In Line Turned Pin Sockets, 2.54mm, 36-way.


  • Height: 7.6mm.
  • Length: 91.44mm.


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