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PICAXE Dice Kit (08M2LE), pack of 5

Teaching Notes
Key Stage 3
This project uses a PICAXE-08M2LE chip to create an electronic dice. You can choose to activate the dice by a switch or LDR. Pack of 5.

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Please note: Due to a manufacturer price increase we have been left with no alternative but to increase the price of this product. Prices therefore will differ compared to the 2016-2017 catalogue.

This classic project uses the PIC microcontroller to create an electronic dice. Students can choose to activate the dice by a switch or light sensitive LDR. Includes PICAXE-08M2LE chip. Pack of 5.

Click here to download datasheet

PICAXE M2 series chips
The M2 series PICAXE chips are more powerful than the regular M chips. The pins can be configured to give the number of inputs and outputs your project needs. The parts allow for more complex programs to be written as they have more memory and more variables. There is support for additional peripherals such as elapsed time, internal temperature reading, serial comms interfacing and so on. The big change with the M2 series chips is that your software can run several flow charts simultaneously.
The PICAXE Cyberpet, alarm & dice are now supplied with an 08M2LE which is a lite edition of the 08M2 chip. It is more powerful than the 08 chip previously supplied with the kit, but only has one start and less memory than the full 08M2.
Note: If the chip you plan on using isn’t listed in you software you will need to upgrade it.

How to Use PICAXE
Get started with a PICAXE microcontroller with our quick guide.


Posted by Wayne Draper, Tuesday, 18 November 2014 on product PICAXE Dice Kit (08M2LE), pack of 5


Do you have the mechnical layout drawing for the dice circuit that uses the 08M chip please? Thanks


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Tuesday, 18 November 2014

    Unfotunately this isn't a kit we make and the supplier hasn't provided a mechanical drawing. If you email me at I can measure up the board and make one for you.

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