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PICAXE Microbot

The PICAXE 20X2 Microbot is a versatile robot that is simple to assemble with no soldering. Programmed using flowcharts using 'Logicator for PICAXE'.

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The BOT120 PICAXE 20X2 Microbot is a simple to assemble kit that uses a unique design which requires no soldering of wires to build and/or reconfigure a versatile robot. At the heart of the Microbot is a motherboard which contains a powerful PICAXE 20X2 microcontroller which can be programmed using flowcharts using the ‘Logicator for PICAXE’ software or in the PICAXE BASIC language. The Microbot can be programmed on Windows, Linux and Mac computer systems. Programs are downloaded via the AXE027 USB cable (purchase separately).

The Microbot motherboard is also fitted with a battery box, 2 motors to create movement, a Piezo sounder to make sounds, two LED ‘eyes’, a push switch and a download socket for connecting the AXE027 USB programming cable.

Various input/output modules can also be easily connected to the motherboard via the unique patented ‘microbric edge’ and connector 'bric'. A ‘microbric edge’ consists of three conductors (+ V, 0V and Data). The plastic bric is used to connect two ‘microbric edges’ together and then clamping nut/bolts are used to complete the electrical connection and to physically hold the assembly together.

The starter pack contains a number of modules including bumper, line tracker, pen holder and a servo connector.

PICAXE Programming System

The ‘brain’ of the Microbot is a powerful PICAXE-20X2 microcontroller that can be reprogrammed by the end user. Therefore the Microbot can be easily customised and programmed with new features as required. For further details about using the PICAXE system please see the PICAXE manuals, which are available as a free download from

This manual includes side by side examples of both ‘PICAXE BASIC’ and ‘Logicator flowchart’ programs. Either can be used to program Microbot.

Microbot Power Supply

The Microbot is designed to run at 4.5V from 3 x AAA (LR03, 24A) size batteries (not supplied). Good quality alkaline batteries are recommended. Always ensure the batteries are connected the correct way around and do not mix new and old, or different types, of batteries together.

If the Microbot fails to operate or moves erratically try replacing the batteries. Please dispose of old batteries by taking to a recycling centre.


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