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PICAXE-08M2 USB Starter Pack

This Starter Pack is ideal for learning about the endless posibilities using a PICAXE-08M2 chip. Pack contains a download cable, battery box and a Proto Board.

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This PICAXE-08M2 USB Starter Pack is ideal for getting familiar with PICAXE chips and the endless possibilities of applications associated with PICAXE.

PICAXE is an easy to use, cost effective, customisable, expandable solution for all of your programming needs. Customise your code for a number of uses based on the specifications of the chip.

The software features both simple flowchart and full programming capabilites in the BASIC programming language.

To get started with the PICAXE® system, a starter pack is recommended. You can click here to view our PICAXE webpage and download the PICAXE software from the links provided.

The Proto Board supplied in this pack is a small self-assembly board that allows rapid prototyping of PICAXE-08 circuits. The board provides the basic circuit and download connector, with a small prototyping area to allow connections of input and output circuits. Examples include connecting LEDs, buzzers and sensors.


  • Easy to use chip.
  • Cost effective when compared to other programmable chips.
  • Easy to understand flowchart programming.
  • Easily expandable, modular design.
  • Programming language used for the chip is easy to customise/tweak.

PICAXE-08M2 chip:

  • IC size: 8 pins.
  • Memory (lines): 2048.
  • Parallel tasks: 4.
  • Inputs / outputs: 1-4 / 1-4.



  • This starter pack requires self-assembly.
  • You need to download the PICAXE programming software in order to start using your PICAXE chip.


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