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Green 10mm Diffused LED - 1750mCd, pack of 10

Green 10mm High Brightness Diffused LED with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. Luminous intensity 1750mCd. Pack of 10.

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3584-10 £1.50
(£1.80 incl VAT)
Forward voltage drop: 3.1 V
Viewing angle: 60 degrees
Max forward current: 25 mA
Luminous intensity: 1750 mCd (@20mA)
Lens types: Diffused

No of parallel LEDs: V
LED forward voltage: V
Typical LED current: mA
Battery voltage: V
Resistance (calc): Ohms
Preferred value: Ohms
Resistor colour bands:
Enter the operating voltage, click calculate resistor and the resistor value to work with the LED described on this page will be shown.


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Posted by Thomas, Wednesday, 22 June 2016 on product Green 10mm Diffused LED - 1750mCd, pack of 10
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    It is tricky to comment on a specific installation, I would always suggest giving it a try and they scale it up. What I can do is give you some pointers:

    The LEDs you are looking have a brightness of 1750mCd, it doesn’t equate to candles exactly, but as a ball park estimate 1000mCd is the same as a candle. So the LED is as bright as about two candles. However it isn’t that easy as a candle can be viewed from any direction, but the LED has a viewing of 60 degrees, so may or might not be good at putting the light in the right place for the holes.

    You will need a current limit resistor, see the LED calculator tab on the page of the LED you choose to use to work out the value of the resistor. 8 of these LEDs at 20mA each will use 160mA in total so I’d recommend a power supply otherwise you will be changing the batteries every day. A 5V supply such as:

    Would have more than enough power for the job.

    Posted by Geoff Hampson on Wednesday, 22 June 2016

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